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Introducing Self-Publisher’s Showcase at The Cult Den


So we have been referring to a link-up for a little while now… We are pleased to finally now be able to give a little more detail.

Here at the Self-Publisher’s Showcase we are incredibly proud of our authors and are constantly doing all we can to let as many people know about them as possible. During our efforts we discovered a site that was very keen to work with us to offer extra exposure to the very talented group of authors we have here.

So it comes as a great pleasure to be able to announce that in addition to all of the great content on our own site we will very shortly also have a section of TheCultDen.com site dedicated solely to the authors of The Self-Publisher’s Showcase.


This section will feature original content from the Cult Den Team including interviews with our authors, reviews and new releases.

We will have more detail as soon as possible but the aim is to have everything up and running by the middle of August. Watch this space!

We are very excited by this development and hope it shows our total commitment to promoting and assisting our authors.

For more on The Cult Den visit them here

Paul and the Team.

  1. Anthony PriceAnthony Price08-14-2013

    This sounds like a wonderful idea and very benificial for us. Thank you for your dedication to helping us like this.

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