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J.M. Martin

J.M. MartinJ.M. Martin has written comic books (LEGENDLORE, SEEKER, DAEMONSTORM) and role-playing games (IRON KINGDOMS, WARMACHINE), but his truest love is speculative fiction, and he is proud of short stories he’s written for Fantasist Enterprises, Rogue Blades Entertainment, Pill Hill Press, and Angelic Knight Press, as well as a novella entitled TISARIAN’S TREASURE.

J.M. (Joe) can’t make up his mind which genre is his favorite, so he’s writing novels in epic fantasy, urban fantasy (“Sleepless Earth” series), and horror (“Dead West” series), and despite being a stay-at-home parent to three cute but hyperactive wee folk he swears are actually pixies, he recently established NineWorldsMedia, a company specializing in editing and design services for writers and publishers. He is likely mad as a hatter by the time you’ve read this.

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Tisarian’s Treasure (Fantasy)

Tisarian's TreasureA dark jungle. Angry pirates. Bloodthirsty monsters. Old magic.
And a captivating woman.
This is the scene of TISARIAN’S TREASURE, a novella by J.M. Martin, in which the young Doctor Alexandre Mallory has recently escaped the clutches of the fearsome pirate captain, Thadieus Drake, and his hellish crew aboard the Tatterdemalion. But the pursuit is far from over. Drake and his band of cutthroats are hot on Mallory’s heels, and during his flight the good doctor realizes he holds a secret the pirate captain will do anything to attain—the location of a treasure that is much more than jewels and gold, but a hoard of immeasurable power.


Those Poor, Poor Bastards: Dead West #1(Fantasy/Horror)
Authors Tim Marquitz, J.M.Martin, Kenny Soward

New Dead WestIn 1868, Nina Weaver and her pa, Lincoln, came down out of the Sierra Nevada to trade at Coburn Station, and to check out the newfangled “iron road” those bastards of the Central Pacific were stabbing right through the mountains with pickaxe, hammer, and black powder.

Just another damned thing to put the tribes on the warpath again, Nina reckoned. And with her being a half-blood, Pa cautioned her more than a few times to keep her dadgum hat on and her head down.

Being taken for an “Injun” becomes the least of their concerns, however, when the impossible happens. Hordes of walking dead, that’s right—“deaduns”—overrun Coburn Station, forcing Nina, Pa, and a few other hard-bitten survivors to hightail it dead west into the hostile hills to escape this dark Devil’s plague.


The Ten Thousand Things: Dead West #2(Fantasy/Horror)
Authors Tim Marquitz, J.M.Martin, Kenny Soward


STALKED ACROSS THE SIERRA NEVADA WILDERNESS by an evil they hardly understand, Nina Weaver and her allies have learned one crucial lesson: the only sure thing in life—and death—is a loaded gun. As they slog their way through scrubland and scree, still reeling from their encounters and feuds in “Dead West” book 1, they come across enemies, strangers, and turmoil within the group, as well. But this journey is more than physical for Nina Weaver, as she is discovering things about her spiritual powers and her connection to her Shoshone roots in the Land, the spirit world, and through the ancestors of her People. ‘Deaduns’ and other horrors abound, and Nina struggles to uphold unlikely alliances as the stale waft of rot threatens to overrun the Nevada Territory. Can Nina and company stand against…The Ten Thousand Things?