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Tim Marquitz

Tim MarquitzRaised on a diet of Heavy Metal and bad intentions, Tim Marquitz has always been interested in writing, but it wasn’t until about 1995 the urge became a compulsion. However, it would be many years later before the ability matched the interest. Fortunately, the two have reconciled…mostly.

Writing a mix of the dark perverse, the horrific, and the tragic, tinged with sarcasm and biting humor, he looks to leave a gaping wound in the minds of his readers like his inspirations: Clive Barker, Jim Butcher, and Stephen King.

A former grave digger, bouncer, and dedicated metalhead, Tim is a huge fan of Mixed Martial Arts, and fighting in general.

He lives in Texas with his beautiful wife and daughter.

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Armageddon Bound: The Demon Squad 1 (Urban Fantasy)

Armageddon BoundHalf-devil and miles from anything resembling heroic, perpetual underdog Frank “Triggaltheron” Trigg is the last man standing against Armageddon.

As the favorite nephew of the Devil, Frank has led a troubled life, but he’d always had his uncle’s influence to fall back on. Now, with God and Lucifer coming to terms and leaving existence to fend for itself, his once exalted status of Anti-Christ-to-be does little to endear him to the hordes of angels and demons running amok in the Godless world.

With help from the members of DRAC, an organization of wizards, psychics, telepaths, and low-end supernatural beings, Frank must thwart the pro-Armageddon forces and rescue an angel in whose life rests the fate of humanity.

Better luck next time, humanity.

Armageddon Bound (Demon Squad 1) Resurrection (DS2) At the Gates (DS3) Echoes of the Past (DS4) Beyond the Veil (DS5) The Best of Enemies (DS6) Exit Wounds (DS7) Collateral Damage (DS8)

To Hell and Back: A Demon Squad Collection (Urban Fantasy)

to hell and backTo Hell and Back features the first three Demon Squad novels (Armageddon Bound, Resurrection, and At the Gates) alongside Betrayal (a lead in short to At the Gates) and the never before released Demon Squad short stories A Hell of a Way to Die (featuring the origin of Chatterbox ) and The Great Brain Robbery (featuring Frank in the Wild West.)

Frank “Triggaltheron” Trigg has lived in the shadow of Lucifer his entire life, but now that God and the Devil have abandoned Earth, Frank’s been left to his own devices, which is never a good thing.

The supernatural world’s punching bag, Frank must hold the line between mankind and the paranormal elements bent on staking their claim in the absence of divine rule.

Humanity is so screwed.


Influx: Clandestine Daze, Book 1 (Urban Fantasy)

influxFor Theodor Crane every day is a lie.

A doppelganger, Theo is trapped in the role of the man he murdered. Tasked with safeguarding the secrets of his homeland his loyalty is torn between his new life and his mission when an influx of militants stream to Earth. A pawn of both sides he’s given just days to bring the terrorists to heel. Failure means war, but success comes with its own consequences.

Either might see Theo dead.


Eyes Deep: A Clandestine Daze Novella (Urban Fantasy)

eyes deepNo one trusts a doppelganger, and for good reason. Behind every stolen identity lies murder.

For Theodor Crane, his latest crime comes with a new family, a new job, a new set of troubles, yet there’s no escaping his past lives.

On the precipice of war between humans and supernaturals, Theo is thrust in the middle, charged with maintaining the balance while keeping his true identity a secret. Conspiracies and old hatreds lurk just below the surface, creeping to a head as the veil between the two worlds slowly crumbles. Failure means reigniting an age old conflict. Success means living a lie for the rest of his days. Either way, Theo loses.


Dawn of War: The Blood Wars Trilogy (Epic Fantasy)

Dawn of WarFor hundreds of years, the bestial Grol have clawed at the walls of Lathah without success. Now armed with O’hra, mystical weapons of great power, they have returned, to conquer.

Witness to the Grol advance, Arrin can abide his exile no longer. He returns to Lathah, in defiance of death, with hopes to save his beloved princess and the child born of their illicit affair. He finds her unwilling to abandon her people. At her behest, Arrin searches for a sanctuary for them only to be confronted by the Sha’ree, a powerful race long thought gone from the world. Through them, he learns it is not just the Grol that threaten the land.

Empowered by a magic never before seen, the savage nations spread chaos and ruin across the realm. With Lathah under siege, and the world on the brink of cataclysmic war, Arrin must strike a deal with the Sha’ree to take the fight to the Grol, or forever lose his one true love: his family.

Dawn of War *FREE* (BW1) Embers of an Age (BW2) Requiem (BW3)

Witch Bane (Fantasy)

Witch BaneSebastian is whisked away at birth, just moments after his mother’s death. He returns nineteen years later, a warlock trained in the arts of war. Raised in secret and fed on tales of revenge, he seeks redemption against the witches who betrayed and murdered his mother.


Prey/Anathema (Horror)

PreyPrey: A young, homeless man arrested for a gruesome crime; a respected politician bound for higher office; detective Shane Calvin finds himself caught in the middle as two seemingly disparate lives collide, the weight of their secrets threatening to destroy them all.
Anathema: Chemist Jerrod Dawkins has lost everything: his job, his reputation, and his family. After a failed suicide attempt, he learns an envious co-worker masterminded his downfall, and vows revenge. Jerrod manufactures a virus and turns it loose on his former friend, unleashing far more than he intended.


Inheritance: Heir to the Blood Throne (YA/Fantasy)

Heir to the Blood ThroneWhat’s a vampire to do when he’s afraid of the dark and passes out at the sight of blood?

These are but two of the problems that face thirteen year old Rupert Bartholomew Cooke. After growing up in England’s Foster Care System, Rupert is at last adopted. Then what should be the happiest moment of his life turns into the most terrifying day imaginable. His adopter, the same man whose bite turned Rupert into a vampire, is none other than the infamous Jack the Ripper.

To make matters worse, Rupert is left to watch over Jack’s mansion, under which is buried a portal that leads to the Source of all magic. Untrained and coping with the stresses of his new and terrible existence, Rupert is forced to defend the Source against Jack’s enemies, the necromancer Mobius and his secret accomplice.

With his new found friends, Lorelei the thrall, Alistair the diminutive werewolf, and Horatio the gruff housekeeper, Rupert must battle Mobius and preserve the fragile truce between the Vampire Nation and the Legions of the Dead; all without giving Jack a reason to kill him when he returns home.


Those Poor, Poor Bastards: Dead West #1(Fantasy/Horror)
Authors Tim Marquitz, J.M.Martin, Kenny Soward

New Dead WestIn 1868, Nina Weaver and her pa, Lincoln, came down out of the Sierra Nevada to trade at Coburn Station, and to check out the newfangled “iron road” those bastards of the Central Pacific were stabbing right through the mountains with pickaxe, hammer, and black powder.

Just another damned thing to put the tribes on the warpath again, Nina reckoned. And with her being a half-blood, Pa cautioned her more than a few times to keep her dadgum hat on and her head down.

Being taken for an “Injun” becomes the least of their concerns, however, when the impossible happens. Hordes of walking dead, that’s right—“deaduns”—overrun Coburn Station, forcing Nina, Pa, and a few other hard-bitten survivors to hightail it dead west into the hostile hills to escape this dark Devil’s plague.


The Ten Thousand Things: Dead West #2(Fantasy/Horror)
Authors Tim Marquitz, J.M.Martin, Kenny Soward


STALKED ACROSS THE SIERRA NEVADA WILDERNESS by an evil they hardly understand, Nina Weaver and her allies have learned one crucial lesson: the only sure thing in life—and death—is a loaded gun. As they slog their way through scrubland and scree, still reeling from their encounters and feuds in “Dead West” book 1, they come across enemies, strangers, and turmoil within the group, as well. But this journey is more than physical for Nina Weaver, as she is discovering things about her spiritual powers and her connection to her Shoshone roots in the Land, the spirit world, and through the ancestors of her People. ‘Deaduns’ and other horrors abound, and Nina struggles to uphold unlikely alliances as the stale waft of rot threatens to overrun the Nevada Territory. Can Nina and company stand against…The Ten Thousand Things?


Serial (Horror)

SerialTwo serial killers in a battle…to the death!

Murder is business as usual for Homicide Detective Isaac Grant, but when he’s called to examine a body, he realizes an uncomfortable truth: There’s a serial killer on the prowl in the dusty, southwest city of El Paso…a second one.

With two killers dueling for territory, it’s only a few days before there’s another murder, the battle waged through the media. And as the killings escalate, each more horrific and daring than the last, Isaac is caught in the middle. No matter who wins, blood will be shed.


Grunt Style: The Blue Collar Guide to Writing Genre Fiction (Self-Help)

grunt styleGrunt Style is a How to Write book forged in the trenches of Tim Marquitz’s wide and varied publishing adventure in genre fiction. It offers honest, to the point information for the aspiring author with plenty of advice on how to approach a story, what to do with it once you’re done, and advice on how to recognize potential publishing pitfalls, as well as self-publishing tips.