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Kneel Downe – SPORADIC


SPORADIC (Science-Fiction)

SPORADICSPORADIC – (adj.) occurring at irregular intervals or only in a few places; scattered or isolated.

Staccato lay lines in the universal map…

Tributes and tribulations…

Statements and stories…

Punk poetry…

Welcome to SPORADIC.

Discover the building blocks of a universe you already know and the beginnings of others you don’t. This is the visionary mind of Kneel Downe in its rawest form, spewing nonsensical flows of genius…

This is creation.

SPORADIC can be viewed as an anthology or collection of the brief explosions of imagination that Kneel Downe writes on Twitter. Concepts. Ideas. Short stories, poems and works in progress. A glimpse into his online notebooks. Many of these sparks grow into something larger…many more don’t. Here for your pleasure are the ones that haven’t…yet.

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  1. Lizzie ParkerLizzie Parker08-21-2014

    I’ve just bought this on Kindle – what an amazing book! There’s so much in it, a world of ideas and the imagery is really vivid, I feel like I know the places and the characters already. The poetry in the Kill All Poets section is beautiful and I love the short stories, especially SHORELINES. I can see it will be a book I go back to again and again. I’m now going to look for the other books by Kneel Downe as I love his writing style. This is an author I really want to read!

  2. PaulPaul08-21-2014

    Wow. That’s wonderful to hear, Lizzie. I’m sure Kneel will appreciate such great feedback.

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