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Leila Lacey – Friends with Benefits, and More than Friends

FWB Cover

FWB: Friends with Benefits (Short Story/Romance)

FWB Cover!Jason Schroeder and Sabrina Benson met in an online support group and instantly hit it off. Jason’s demons prevent him from wanting anything but sexual satisfaction and Sabrina’s demons keep her from believing she can have any type of feelings, sexual or otherwise. But when they finally meet face to face, the sparks fly, all either of them can think of…. Would the sex be as hot as the physical attraction they were having? Eventually they decide to find out, they agree to be FWB’s (Friend’s With Benefit’s). It’s the best of both worlds…. Right?

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FWB 2: More Than Friends (Short Story/Romance)

More Than Friends coverAfter Sabrina and Jason give each other more pleasure than they both thought possible, something changed. Sabrina knows that Jason does not want to be the forever kind of guy, but that is not her. Can these best friends get their friendship back on track after crossing the line? Or will Jason realize all he wants is to be More Than Friends?

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