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May and June’s Featured 5

SG Night

TOP PROFILE – S.G. Night, author of Attrition: The First Act of Penance

SG Night

SG Night has been a writer since he was old enough to hold a pen. Hailing from Northern Virginia, he spent his youth in Honors writing programs, garnering a love for science-fiction and fantasy. The countless hours of world-building and scribbling in notebooks began to bear fruit in the summer of 2012; over the course of the following year, he worked tirelessly to craft his debut Epic Fantasy novel. Night completed the manuscript for Attrition: the First Act of Penance shortly before his 18th birthday.

Sam’s Author Page

2. A.J. Walters, author of An Acute Attraction

AmandaA J Walters is a new contemporary romance author who has just made her first appearance on to the indie circuit. Having interests in history, romance and elements of erotica, she has brought all of these together in her debut publication; An Acute Attraction.

Wanting to break the trend of size 12 virgins in books, A J Walters has introduced a new real woman in Isabel Chambers. She’s a size 18-20, working single mother who now feels is it her time to start living her life again. At the ripe young age of 39, A J Walters also wanted to show that you can experience everything that a twenty-something would.

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3. Lesley Jones, author of Carnage

Lesley JonesLesley was born and raised in a small working class town in Essex, just outside of East London. She is married with three sons and in 2006 they all moved to the other side of the world, settling on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, about 50K outside of Melbourne Australia.

As well as writing, Lesley loves to read and has been known to get through four or five books a week, when she is not writing that is…

Lesley’s Author Page

4. Eli Yaakunah, author of The Woman Who Sparked The Greatest Sex Scandal Of All Time

Eli YaakunahLove is transformation. Ishtar finds a man who turns lead into gold, but he disappears mysteriously. She looks for him violating all rules, until she discovers that she herself is the key. Everything depends on whether and how she carries out a terrible assignment. Love, world peace, and her own conscience are at stake.

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5. Alexandra Amalova, author of Once concealed, now revealed: A nifty nip of naughty poetry

AlexandraBorn in Russia and educated in the UK, Alexandra now shares her time between London and Moscow. A busy work schedule currently excludes partners, pets and children, but she hopes, eventually, to enjoy all three.

Alexandra has been writing short stories for as long as she can remember. Over the last ten years, erotic fiction has gradually usurped her creativity, and she especially enjoys writing erotica with a paranormal or science-fiction slant. We are at our most vulnerable when naked, when giving ourselves unreservedly to another human being, and she loves to explore and describe the dark and dangerous themes thus engendered.

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