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Mike Smart – Gatekeeper

Gatekeeper (Thriller)

GatekeeperPlanes inexplicably colliding, economies in disarray. A psychotic businessman has brought the world to its knees. Can a former Special Forces operative with the help of a damaged Cambridge Professor save a bride to be and avoid worldwide anarchy? They’ve got 24hrs to try! A fast moving story written to entertain, short on flowery prose but long on high octane action. Read it by the pool, before you drift off to sleep at night or if you want to risk it; on an airplane.

“Just finished this great book, couldn’t put in down. Obviously written by a professional in the computer field with considerable travel knowledge. Really enjoyed the whole scene from this new author. Look forward to his next one”

“A very well crafted story. The topic is right in the moment and anyone who worries about data will worry even more now. Great pace with good characters with personalities that are consistent throughout the journey – overall a brilliant first book!”

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