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Paulette Oakes – Fool That I Am: April 2nd-7th

Fool That I Am

Fool That I Am (Romance)

Fool_That_I_AmBilly Jean Hardesty learned the hard way that ‘true love’ and ‘soul mates’ are nothing more than myths after divorcing her high school sweetheart after years of cheating. Her biggest worries now are how to pay the bills with no child support and a low-paying job without having to rely on her parents or her friends, including her secret crush, Sam Garrett. There’s only one problem standing in the way of her unrequited love: Sam is her ex-husband’s best friend. With the help of her friends from work, though, Billie does her best to move on and soon finds herself landing a dream job with an even dreamier boss. Is it all too good to be true, or will Billie make a fool of herself again over love?


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