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S.G. Night – ATTRITION: The First Act of Penance

SG Night, Attrition

Attrition: The First Act of Penance (Fantasy/YA)

SG Night, AttritionThey came by night.  We couldn’t stop them.  Io burned.

It is the 107th year of the Fourth Age.  Our conquerors, the Demonic Dominion, have solidified their rule over our homeland.  The Humans are in shackles.  The Elves are in exile.  And we, the proud Majiski battle-mages, are standing at extinction’s edge.  The mighty Grey Wall has sealed us all inside the Demons’ cruelty…and after a hundred long years, the world beyond is all but forgotten.

The Genshwin are all that remain of the Majiski: just a few hundred survivors sequestered in an underground fortress—masters of shadow and steel.  In secret, they work against the Dominion.  But how much can three hundred Majiski really expect to accomplish?  Especially when their Patriarch is keeping more secrets than the Demons themselves….

Racath Thanjel is the best the Genshwin have to offer.  He’s young, fast, strong, and brilliant…and constantly at odds with his Patriarch’s rules of discretion.

But something’s changed.  Soon, Racath finds himself swept up into a spider web of conspiracies, lost knowledge, and the prophetic pages of ancient scripture.  And now, all of Racath’s hopes depend upon a girl with golden hair, and a sword wrought by God Himself…

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