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T.A. Uner – The Leopard Vanguard: April 1st

Leopard King Saga 1

The Leopard Vanguard: Leopard King Saga, Tome 1 (Fantasy/Historical Fiction)

leopard king saga 1Set during the early years of the reign of the Mad Emperor Caligula, this first installment of the Leopard King Saga introduces us to Tullus, a gifted Roman Centurion who resigns his elite position in the Praetorian Guard to join a troupe of circus performers and learn more about his hidden magical talents. Along with his new partner, a magical Leopardess named Celestra, he re-invents himself as The Leopard King, the most famous entertainer in all the Roman Empire. But when Tullus’ friend and Circus Ringmaster, Paullus, is killed, Tullus and Celestra find themselves immersed in political intrigue and up against Paullus’ killers. Their struggle to avenge Paullus will also cause them to cross paths with corrupt Roman politicians, who know Paullus’ deadly secret-which has the power to destroy the Roman Empire.


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