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Review – Dämoren by Seth Skorkowsky

Damoren Large

“Fourteen years ago a pack of wendigos killed Matt Hollis’ family and damned his soul. Now, Matt is a demon …

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Alison Vidotto – 22 Leadership Fundamentals – the Door to Success says Push!

22 Leadership

As the title suggests, this is a self help book aimed at helping people build on their strengths and identify …

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Review – Time After Time by Marc Nash


You should never base your approach to a book solely on reviews. Otherwise you may miss out on something unique. …

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Review – An Acute Attraction by A.J. Walters

A J Walters is a new contemporary romance author who has just made her first appearance on to the indie …

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Review – The Money Tree by Helen Yeomans

Money Tree

It’s a dictum that has been passed down through the ages, often in moments of exasperation, from parent to child, …

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Review – Tisarian’s Treasure by J.M. Martin

Tisarians Treasure

The start seems as good a place as any to drop in the line “This wasn’t exactly what I was …

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Review – An Eye for an Eye for an Eye by Marc Nash

An Eye For An Eye

It’s not too difficult to see the world that we live in falling into a quagmire of warring factions, where …

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Review – The Call of the Siren by Mark Fleming

It’s a pity other reviewers have made clichés of words such as chilling, thriller, and page-turner, for Mark Fleming’s The …

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Review: Lady of the Helm by T.O. Munro

Lady Of The Helm

Ever since a certain George R.R. decided to separate a lead protagonist’s head from his shoulders there seems to be …

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Review – The Breadwinner by Stevie Kopas

Breadwinner Cover1

It’s actually refreshing to know, that a Zombie novel doesn’t have to be a gore-fest. Don’t get me wrong, there …

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The Art of Reviewing, or How to Make or Break an Author’s Career by Matthew Cunliffe


Self-Publisher’s Showcase is my first foray into reviewing books. I’ve written a lot over the years, be it heavyweight articles …

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Michelle Medhat – Connected: The Call

The Call

Michelle Medhat’s debut novel, the thriller Connected: The Call is a sophisticatedly woven tale of Desperate Governments, Terrorist collectives, Nano-technology …

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Review – Nameless: The Darkness Comes by Mercedes M. Yardley


Sometimes you can hear talk of an author, and everything you hear is so very, very encouraging – But, it …

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Review – Pearseus Year 18: The Schism by Nicholas Rossis

Year 18

Rossis’ Pearseus Year 18 – The Schism begins upon the spacecraft UES Pearseus, as those aboard – celebrities and dignitaries …

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Review – Crossline by Russ Colchamiro


Sitting down with Colchamiro’s Crossline I was expecting a rollicking Sci-Fi adventure. In reality Crossline is more than that. Yes, …

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Review – The Fallen (The Paesian Prologues) by Jae V. Reece

It’s always a little step into the unknown when you pick up the debut work of any author. When the …

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Review – VirulentBlurb:Reflections by Kneel Downe


To me, reading this book was similar to a religious experience. Such was this opus that it affected me like …

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Review: Destiny Gardens by John Harrison

Destiny Gardens

As soon as you set foot inside Destiny Gardens, an abandoned old hall now home to a separate group of …

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Kneel Downe – Amelia’s Song

Amelias Song

I first came across the author Kneel Downe about a year ago. Bored with reading the same old adventures in …

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Review – Attrition: The First Act of Penance by S.G. Night

SG Night, Attrition

I have to admit that I have been a fan of the fantasy genre ever since I picked up Pawn …

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