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Review – Tisarian’s Treasure by J.M. Martin

Tisarians Treasure

The start seems as good a place as any to drop in the line “This wasn’t exactly what I was expecting”. Thankfully, it was so much better. As with most novellas, from the moment you begin the action is unrelenting. Don’t however be fooled into thinking that Martin allows any confusion into why the events are transpiring though. Although the pre-amble is short, it covers all bases and leaves you under no illusions as to why the events have panned out as they have.

Written in an elegant style that lent itself to thoughts of Stevenson’s Treasure Island – the tale though is vastly different – I struggled to put it down. There was truly something for everyone. Like that perfect cocktail: a dash of fantasy, a slice of mystery, shaken with a touch of magic, the garnish – a love interest. Martin has produced a wonderful tale.

In fact, I must confess upon reaching the end I only wished it had been longer – which has always been the sign of a great novella. I may even have shaken my ‘generic ereader’ hoping more pages would appear. If J.M ever feels like expanding on the wonderful world and characters he has created further I’ll certainly be at the front of line to grab a copy!

***** 5 Stars


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