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Here are a few of the kind words that our authors have had to say about us:

Thanks for the fab support & promotion. #indieauthors #selfpublishing

A.J. Walters, author of The Attraction Trilogy

Thanks, @SelfPubShowcase! You guys are an authors best friend.

Kent Burden, author of The Clean Eating Dinner Cookbook & Diet Plan

I’ve really been impressed by your service and the results. I can see increased sales after a tweet by you!

Linda Dickson, author of Spit of a Minute

Unlike many authors services out there @SelfPubShowcase this one actually works – thank you for support/RT and mentions – book sales UP!

Mark Binmore, author of Now is Not the Time for Trumpets.

” I must say the service you provide (for a very reasonable fee) is outstanding.”

Richard Smith, author of Time Trap.

“Every author’s journey is plagued with many antagonists; writer’s block, lack of time, lukewarm receptions to ones work… The most powerful of these foes however is anonymity. As writer’s we struggle not only to create compelling fiction, but to get it in the hands of as many readers as possible. SPS is a great help in this battle. I’ve explored many options for promoting my work. I’ve found plenty of folks who claim to be allies, happily accept my money and then move on. SPS is better than that. In fact, I’ve found SPS to be one of the better values all around. Perhaps what’s most impressive is the ongoing support via Twitter and the variety of marketing options available. I’m looking forward to increasing my marketing efforts in 2014 and SPS will be in my mix, no doubt.”

Lake Lopez, author of the thrilling horror, Thorns in Dark Places

“As a self-publishing Rookie, coming across Self-Publisher’s Showcase when I did has been nothing short of a miracle. Paul and the team are clearly passionate about what they do and are incredibly helpful friendly, approachable and professional. The site they’ve developed is great, looks good and works well – it’s also driving interest in the right direction as far as I can see which is exactly what every self-published author needs!”

Author of RED, a fairy tale, of sorts, Tim Bedford

“Self-Publisher’s Showcase has been a big supporter of mine from day one. They have tweeted about my book daily, hosted an interview with me, and even added a book signing event to my page without me having to ask. They are incredibly easy to work with, and have a real enthusiasm for what they do. Their website is very professional looking, with very easy navigation. I’m so glad I got in when they were starting up. I hope to continue our relationship for a long time.”

Richard A. Lester, author of the satirical thriller THE CHECK OUT.

“I can appreciate the friendly service and timely responses from the staff at Self-Publisher’s Showcase. Bearing the weight of promotion can be a challenge for an author who has got a lot more writing to see to, so it’s encouraging to have someone’s added support.”

Romance author of THE MOVEMENT OF CROWNS, Nadine Keels

“SPS has increased my book sales more than any other promotional site I’ve tried! Thanks!”

Linda Dickson, author of Spit of a Minute.

“As an independent author, I’ve tried reaching out to a variety of websites, and been greeted by mostly silence; Self Publisher’s Showcase, on the other hand, keeps up consistent correspondence, and is genuinely interested in promoting the burgeoning industry of self-publishing. They regularly promote their contributors, and utilize the various social media to help readers follow their favorites. It’s a great site, and I’m proud to be a contributor.”

Science-Fiction author of SPIRE, Aaron Safronoff

“Prompt and always quick to respond, Self Publisher’s Showcase made it easy to publicize my novels.”

Cyndi Goodgame author of Young Adult novel DENIAL

“Self-Publisher’s Showcase is an excellent marketing platform for authors of all literary genres; whether you are a novice, an amateur or a seasoned writer.
The staff at Self-Publisher’s Showcase have always been professional, helpful & exceptionally patient. As a relatively new & still novice author/poet their professionalism has been a welcomed change. The staff at Self-Publisher’s Showcase have pushed me personally to provide them with extracts and information, different from that found on other promotional pages so as to capture the visitors attention; thereby selling more books.
Not only has Self-Publisher’s Showcase staff helped promote my trilogy of poetry books on the Internet but they have also unselfishly shown me other marketing tools and techniques that I can also utilise (eg. Twitter concepts).
The staff at Self-Publisher’s Showcase give their time, knowledge and expertise freely to those of us who are striving to cement our own niche in the world of literature. Their generosity and self-sacrifice is to be applauded.
Thank you so very much Paul Martin and your amazing team for displaying not only courage but personal and professional values that I thought had long been lost by our society.”

Australian poetess and writer Vicki Case

“It has been a pleasure to work with Paul at Self Publishing Showcase to list and publicize my book Awakening Colors. Paul got the page up quickly, changed my cover timely when I updated it, and tweeted several times to promote my book. Thanks for all your help! Appreciate it.”

Author of the mystery novel, AWAKENING COLORS Ritu K. Gupta

“Self-publishers Showcase is a new forum for Indie writers and readers. It’s new, but it has all the promise of a growing platform for aspiring authors and readers seeking new books within a wide variety of genres: from comics to the erotica; fiction to non-fiction.
Paul Martin has worked tirelessly: setting up the forum, recruiting writers, building a terrific website, and answering questions from computer and network illiterate dorks, like me.
As a subscriber to the service, I’m pleased with the results so far and have great expectation for the future.”

Author of the fantasy novel IN SEARCH OF CAMELOT Doyle Duke

“After the effort of self-publication, writing, formatting and editing, the realization that this is only the beginning can be quite daunting. Without promotion, any book will just disappear into the Amazon forest never to be seen again! – I can only say that Paul Martin and the Self Publisher’s Showcase team have been exceptionally helpful. I hesitated to approach them, being still busy with publication and other matters, but they have really smoothed the path while following me with encouragement. My feeling has been that they actually CARE about their authors and will put themselves to quite a bit of effort to make this showcase a great place for self-publishers to show off their best books. I feel proud to have been here from the beginning, since this site will surely take off big time.”

Author of Historical Fiction novel FOUR FLORINS Valeria Jane Wilson

“The Self Publisher’s Showcase is a fresh and well-designed platform, perfect for indie authors looking to establish themselves in the publishing community. The Showcase always provides personal, one-on-one service for their sponsored authors, and does a fantastic job of staying on top of new developments for each individual artist. Since joining the Showcase’s service, public attention for my upcoming novel has multiplied substantially, and I would recommend them to any aspiring writer looking to self-publish their work.”

SG Night, author of Attrition: the First Act of Penance

“Self Publishers Showcase has been tirelessly promoting my work ever since I signed up with them. In the never-ending fight to be seen and heard among the throngs of writers in cyberspace, this assistance is invaluable! Thank you, SPS!”

Stephen Hines, Comic book and YA author

“Self-Publisher’s Showcase works hard to get your work in front of people. They supplement your efforts to stay in the public eye through social media and provide a place to have your work reviewed and publicized. And if you’re feeling froggy, a place to guest post your thoughts on writing. All-in-all, a great place to start and maintain your writing career.”

Kenny Soward, author of Rough Magic, Gnomesaga Book 1