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Vicki Case

Vicki CaseVicki Case is a talented & inspiring Australian writer & poetess. During the daylight hours she is an internationally certified criminal analyst working with an Australian Law Enforcement Agency. During the nocturnal hours and on the weekends she creates inspirational & soul revealing poetry and novels.

Vicki has currently published four books of poetry about lost love. She is now currently writing another two books of poetry – one about Australia & all things Australian; and a second about emotions. She is also currently authoring her inaugural fiction book and has commenced her autobiography.

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Unconditional Forbidden Love (Poetry)

UnconditionalLove can often be all too close to pain. Unconditional Forbidden Love is an emotionally-packed book about the love of one woman. Lovers and the heartbroken alike will find much to relate to in Vicki’s poetry.  If you have ever loved and lost or had your heart broken then this book of poetry is a ‘must read’.  The poems are emotionally graphic and a totally honest portrayal.

Vicki presents a heartbreaking account of her relationship break-up with a man she deems the ‘love of her life’ in her self-published book of poems. Unconditional Forbidden Love is a collection of romantically driven poetry as Vicki explores the allure of what we’re not supposed to have.  In a long running style that entices her train of thought that goes through her mind in the pursuit of love.

The age-old tragedy associated with lost love is refreshingly told by Vicki in this new millennium.  While Romeo and Juliet lost one another through the medium of poison, Vicki lost her love and ‘soul mate’ to the bitter sweet double-edged sword that is the text message.

Never has the humble SMS played a central component in a love story – to know it caused one woman so much grief will make you want to throw your own mobile phone at the nearest brick wall.

This published gem deserves multiple reads as there are many layers giving insight into Vicki’s grief.

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A Journey of Hurt; Captured in Ink (Poetry)

A Journey of HurtA Journey of Hurt explores the aftermath of Vicki’s devastating breakup with the love of her life. Deeply personal and candid, the poems in A Journey of Hurt depict the emotional rollercoaster ride that Vicki found herself on after the man she affectionately calls “Eros” left her without explanation. Their love had changed her life completely; now Vicki was faced with picking up the pieces alone.

An excerpt from the title poem, “A Journey of Hurt” hereunder provides you with an idea of the depth of despair Vicki cascaded to after her heart was broken, her soul was stomped on and the man she loved unconditionally then turned and walked away, without nigh another word spoken.
A journey of hurt
Captured in ink
One woman’s story
Of a journey to the brink

Its seven months today
I still cry myself to sleep
Do you have any idea?
All that I do is weep

“He is, and will always be, without any doubt or second thoughts, the love of my life,” Vicki writes. “I have never loved like this before, nor do I envisage I ever will again.

Losing my beloved Eros was worse than anything else in my life that I have ever experienced.”

Readers are invited to travel with Vicki on the road from happiness to the depths of darkness and join her struggle to come back.

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Love is Eternal (Poetry)

Love is Eternal‘Love is Eternal’ is a power packed book that is an intensely raw and a courageously honest depiction of one woman’s epic journey from love to loss, grief and sacrifice, in words.

This book of poetry vividly depicts the ebbs and flows of Vicki’s emotions felt from her heart, soul and mind as she transverses the emotional roller coaster ride from her elation at finding love, to the depths of despair from losing that love; and finally to her efforts and search for the answers to the myriad of questions, trying to understand why he left her; and in the callous manner that he did.

Vicki has written three books of poetry to date where she bears her entire soul to the world.  Vicki holds nothing back, hoping that her uniquely written book of honest yet unorthodox poetry will inspire others to also utilise and enhance the power of the written word to heal.

Vicki’s love and soul mate made her only one promise, and then he broke it, leaving her heart broken, shattered and desperately needing to understand why. The answer to which has not been forthcoming. Concluding a truly beautiful love and relationship in this manner was selfish and insensitive and took away any means of closure for Vicki.

Vicki spiralled into the depths of depression as a result of her loss and grief; but there was a light at the end of the tunnel.  This book will make you travel the journey with Vicki as you find yourself laughing one moment and literally brought to tears the next. Vicki will move you with her intensely honest words and not only just from her poetry.

‘Love is Eternal’ is an extremely uplifting, inspiring, motivating and empowering book.

If you have ever lost someone or something that you loved unconditionally, then Vicki’s soul revealing poetry is for you.

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Forever Love (Poetry)

Forever LoveTo lose someone you love through death is tragic. Losing someone you love—your soul mate and best friend—via an ambiguous and unexpected text message is devastating; it can destroy your soul. When you lose a loved one, you go through the process of grieving that enables you to accept their loss and eventually let go. When the person you love severs you from their life and walks away without offering an explanation, how can you do the same? How can you understand and accept the loss so that you can move on with your life?

Forever Love is a collection of poetry that considers the process of rebuilding a life after such a callous and devastating loss. The fourth volume in a series, it explores how author Vicki Case worked through this dark period in her life, searching for closure and answers to her questions. In the midst of her grief, she discovered the power of the written word in healing and began composing poetry that reflected the raw emotions she was experiencing.

Forever Love contains soul-revealing and vividly honest descriptions of her emotions as she looked for a way to move beyond the hurt and devastation of a love lost.

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