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The Internet

Baum By The Sea

“The internet is about interaction which is another way of getting your book out there”

The internet is all things to all men but to a self-published writer it’s the most perfect marketing tool.  Simply, the Web is the cheapest, most effective and sociable way to promote both the author and his book because it costs nothing but a little ingenuity to leave a link to your website.

Web links are arguably the most essential marketing tool a writer can ever have and the self-promoting possibilities are endless.  In a technological age the internet is a calling card to the world so it’s crucial that as many browsers see your website as possible.  Sometimes, though, a little chutzpa is called for and one way is to enter into a forum by doing what is commonly known as ‘piggybacking’.

In other words, when you find an appropriate thread to leave a comment be sure to sign off by piggybacking on to it by adding a link to your website.  After all, given how the point of the social network is to get the message ‘out there’, this is a terrific way of directing internet traffic to your website.  It really is that simple.

Piggybacking is not something that should be overused as it’s something that’s generally encouraged.  However, if handled with awareness and discretion then this is something that can attract curious visitors.  After all, given how the internet is there to be used to your advantage in any way possible, you can be sure that if you don’t take advantage then somebody else will.

Next time I’ll be looking at Twitter.

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