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An announcement

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We are pleased to announce that we have launched our editorial company. The venture, in partnership with author Tim Marquitz, aims to provide ‘Quality editing and eBook formatting at reasonable prices’. So, do click on the image below and take a look at Dominion Editorial, and if the services may be of use to you let us know accordingly.

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Have a great week!

Paul and The Team

  1. Nicholas RossisNicholas Rossis08-31-2015

    Congrats on the launch and best of luck with the venture! Shared.

    (Yes, I can finally leave comments once again…)

  2. PaulPaul08-31-2015

    Thank you, Nicholas. It seemed to fix itself with the comments…

  3. Kim LM BilodeauKim LM Bilodeau09-09-2015

    I have self-published three books. One is a Christian Children’s book called “Luke the Barking Spider” 2. “Poetic Justice for God” Glorify God and help save souls. An awesome Christian poetry book. 3 God’s Omnipresence – an inspirational – self-improvement book. Would love to post the books here on twitter in a self-published showcase, can you help?

  4. PaulPaul09-10-2015

    Hi, Kim. If you visit http://selfpublishersshowcase.com/join-us/ you can find details on how to get involved. We’d love to be able to help you.

  5. KimLBilodeauKimLBilodeau09-10-2015

    Yes, I would love some help. Just have to be more much more visable to the media. I know my books have alot to offer all ages and I believe it’s a matter of viability. It hard not being famous:))

  6. PaulPaul09-10-2015

    If any of the membership options work for you drop us an email through the site and we’ll happily get you some visibility, Kim.

  7. KimLBilodeauKimLBilodeau10-24-2015

    Definitely interested!!

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