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Blackguards Front Cover

Blackguards, Assassins, Mercenaries, and Rogues Are Raiding Kickstarter Monday, September 1, 2014—Crestview Hills, KY—After a whirlwind couple of days, Ragnarok …

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Guest Post: My 4 Golden Rules of Writing by Nicholas Rossis


My 4 Golden Rules of Writing I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now. The main reason …

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Guest Post: Creating Characters That Drive Your Story by K.C. Berg

KC Berg

Who doesn’t love a good story?  Through the magic of books, we can witness epic battles, visit faraway lands, and …

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Guest Post: Writing Rebellious by J.L. Murray

J.L. Murray

Every writer knows that there is a set of rules we are supposed to adhere to if our books are …

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Guest Post: S.G. Night reports on an incredibly powerful marketing tool for authors

SG Night

“Hindsight is 20:20” takes 2nd place (right behind stuff about death-and-taxes) as the world’s truest proverb. We are always a …

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Guest Post: That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore by Duncan Milne


Suicide is serious. So is depression. And addiction too. These are issues severe enough to be social conditions not left …

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Guest Post: How exactly does an author write? by V.E. Bystry

SPShow Profile Pic

If you are reading this, chances are you consider yourself one of three different kinds of people. One, a writer. …

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Guest Post: The writing endeavours of Byron Edgington

Byron Edgington

Since my second book has just gone live on Amazon in paper and digital, it seemed like a good opportunity …

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Guest Post : Frank Bukowski’s Bad Day At The Office 6 *Mature Content*

Frank Bukowski E1411516273876

“Why should I let the toad work Squat on my life?” The opening couplet from Philip Larkin’s poem ‘Toads’ never …

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An Unplanned Trilogy, by Susan Moore Jordan

Susan Moore Jordan E1402095826346

As it happens – a very useful phrase for a writer, by the way – the three novels I have …

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Guest Post: Frank Bukowski’s review of ‘Surely You’re Joking Mr Feynman’, by Richard P Feynman.

Surely Youre Joking Mr Feynman

Knowing from experience how deflating a negative review can be, I have a rule that if I don’t get along …

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Guest Post: The Heart of the Indie Writer by Chelsie Shock

Chelsie Shock

What an amazing time we live in today. Opportunities and possibilities are endless. If things hadn’t changed this much in …

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Guest Post: Questions, answers and rollercosters by James Walley

Forty First

“So, what’s your book about?” That’s the familiar question when someone learns that you’ve decided to take the plunge and …

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The Inspiration for Eli’s Heart by Susan Moore Jordan

Susan Moore Jordan E1402095826346

Eli’s Heart was inspired by a friendship I had decades ago with a brilliant teenage pianist born with a defective …

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A word from Kitty…

Kitty Mulholland

Hi. My name is Kitty Mulholland and I’m a swinger. Saying it like that makes me feel as though I …

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Self-editing is possible by L.J. Hutton


Many of you reading this will have come across the often repeated advice to self-publishers to get an editor. I …

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Guest Poetry – 3 Original Poems from Calvin Bland


TALKING WITH GOD What will death be like, What will taking my last breath be like, Will it end my …

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A Sense of Urgency – Gary Sheard

Gary Sheard E1401970337733

Gary’s guest post is taken from Chapter 9 of his debut release: Awful Management Imagine “Awful Management” applied to a …

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Guest Post: Defining, Reality, Emotionally, And Mentally by Calvin Bland


Today we are fortunate enough to have a couple of poems from Calvin Bland… enjoy! D.R.E.A.M (Defining,Reality,Emotionally,And Mentally) We live …

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Short Story: Do Ya Wanna Funk? by Mark Binmore

Mark Binmore E1401137206311

San Francisco 1978: a golden city of freedom, adventure, possibility and disco. There is also the search for love and …

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