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Experts built the Titanic, amateurs built the Ark!

Write By The Sea

Considering how many books there are written by self-professed experts on how to get a publishing deal, be signed to a literary agent and earn money from becoming the next JK Rowling, then how is it possible so many novices fail to do just that?

Clearly something is wrong when the only writers earning actual royalties are those so-called ‘experts’ raking in a small fortune explaining theory over practice by exploiting vulnerable first-time writers. Although I do not claim to be an ‘expert’, through my own achievement writing a best-seller I feel I am able to help writers of all abilities avoid elementary and expensive mistakes.

Besides advice on grammar, punctuation and spelling, I’ll offer guidance on how to avoid writing muddled synopses, confused proposal letters and – above all – help and encouragement to make all aspiring writers of whatever ability find out, read and adhere to those all-important strict submission guidelines.

It will also give writers pause for thought about keeping an eye on finances and marketing while being able to promote themselves and their books in the media without the help of a top-drawer public relations company.

The writing tips presented on this blog – short and to the point – will assist all aspiring writers, be they novelist, playwright or poet who, at the very least, will never again forget to include a stamped addressed envelope when submitting a manuscript!

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