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Home Workout

HOME WORKOUT CIRCUIT TRAINING: 6 week exercise band workout & bodyweight training for fat loss, strength and muscle tone (Self-Help/Health …

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Write By The Sea

“Agents are like principles; only worth having if you can afford them” Although it’s prestigious having somebody to take responsibility …

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Experts built the Titanic, amateurs built the Ark!

Write By The Sea

Considering how many books there are written by self-professed experts on how to get a publishing deal, be signed to …

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Review – Worse Than Dead from Stephen Puleston

Worse Than Dead

A ferry leaves Dublin…The chief engineer lies dead on the car deck …There’s a killer on board… Inspector Drake is …

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Review: Susan O’Neill’s Calling New Dehli For Free

Calling ND

There really is something quite beautiful in knowing that someone can find humour in this dark world of ours, and …

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Guest Post: Mea Culpa (Trilogy Writing) by Eileen Granfors


First-hand experience may be the best teacher, but I hope this blog post will save other writers from the mistakes …

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Guest Post: The Importance of Editing by Gabby Weiss


Self publishing authors have this in common: they need an editor. If there were one piece of advice I’d give …

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Guest Post: In Search of Character by Karen Long


I am a great fan of the HBO series, ‘Autopsy’, which focuses on strange deaths and the purveyors thereof…One of …

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Ilyan Kei Lavanway – Dreams of the Last Days: Where are all the Stars?

Dreams Of The Last Days Where Are All The Stars

Dreams of the Last Days: Where are all the Stars?(Non-Fiction, Religion, Post-apocalyptic, Supernatural, Paranormal) Glowing spacecraft hovering silently. Low frequency …

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Guest Post: Creating Compelling Titles by Dale Vande Griend


From the writing and work I’ve done creating videos, I’ve found out that a great title is something that often …

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Short Story: Why The Bear Will Never Dance by Kneel Downe

An Owls Tale

“We must gather wood soon.” Said Owl. “For the night draws in….but first. Another Tale…” Amelia moved Frog from his …

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What Inspires Me? by Morgan


What Inspires me? What lights the candle of my imagination and sets the flame burning high? What is it that …

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Ilyan Kei Lavanway – Circumscription Hypothesis

Circumscription Hypothesis

Circumscription Hypothesis(Non-Fiction/Religion/Spirituality) Discover the connection between intelligence and light and the theory of everything. Quantum physics and relativity seem contradictory …

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Review – G.A. Taylor’s Return To Brude

ReturnToBrude G.A.Taylor

Annie McBride is twelve and lives in a little cottage in Glendowf with her two aunts, Maggie and Peg, and …

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Interview – William Diaz, author of Inquisition

William Diaz

Self-Publisher’s Showcase: Today we are joined by William Diaz, author of Inquisition. Welcome to the Showcase Lounge, William. William Diaz: …

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FREE: Kent Burden’s The Clean Eating Dinner Cookbook & Diet Plan: Feb 17 + 18

The Clean Eating

The Clean Eating Dinner Cookbook & Diet Plan: 14 Simple Eating Clean Dinners for Weight Loss & a Healthy Lifestyle …

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Guest Post: Do you need a vacation? by Deanna Kahler

Deanna Disc

Pack your bags. It’s time for a little trip. You won’t need any money. In fact, where you’re going, you …

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Scott Michael Decker – The Gael Gates

The Gael Gates

The Gael Gates (Science Fiction) A neophyte Druid, a starship commander, and an archeologist all disappear into the Gael Gates, …

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Alaina Stanford – The Power of His Touch

The Power Of His Touch

The Power of His Touch: Archangel Series, Book 2 (Romance/Paranormal/Fantasy) Rafi doesn’t chase demons. He hunts their masters. The longer …

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Davis Ashura – A Warrior’s Knowledge: The Castes and the OutCastes, Book II

A Warriors Knowledge

A Warrior’s Knowledge: The Castes and the OutCastes, Book II (Fantasy) With A Warrior’s Path, Davis Ashura introduced readers to …

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