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FREE: Ann Swinfen’s The Secret World of Christoval Alvarez: Dec 1st-5th

Christoval Cover MEDIUM WEB

The Secret World of Christoval Alvarez (Historical Fiction)

Christoval Cover MEDIUM WEBIt is the year 1586. England is awash with traitors, plotting to assassinate the Queen and bring about a foreign invasion. The young physician Christoval Alvarez, a refugee from the horrors of the Portuguese Inquisition, is coerced into becoming a code-breaker and agent in Sir Francis Walsingham’s secret service. In the race to thwart the plot, who will triumph – the ruthless conspirators or the equally ruthless State?

“What a great read! I’ve so enjoyed being transported into this sixteenth century underworld of intrigue and double dealing. The central character, Christoval, is such an appealing character: feisty, principled but oh so human. Then there’s Poley, the smiling villain, whom we think has been safely removed as a threat only to reappear in the final lines as the compelling ‘hook’ for the next book! This has got to be a winner. It’s got all the ingredients. I can see it making a wonderful BBC serialised historical drama. Historical drama but with a number of fascinating strands interweaving throughout the narrative. Highly recommended.” ONLINE REVIEW

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