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Sanctuary 12

Sanctuary 12: Book 1 of the Fallen Gods Saga (Fantasy/Horror/Science-Fiction)


Nine strangers, linked by the inner whisperings of a mysterious little girl.

Each must piece together the origins of their other-worldly abilities and the location of the white manor, where they will be reunited and the questions that have plagued their existence will finally be answered. But someone else marks their every step. The sinister Mr Cradleworth has other plans for them, plans that could bring about catastrophic consequences, not just for earth, but the whole universe.

Jerrico Flynn always felt distant from the world around him, soaking up emotion like a sponge.

Martha Johnson dreams of other worlds – worlds where demons stalk the highways.

Vladimir Volanov can get inside your head by eating the one thing you can never escape from.

Josie De Morgan is blind, but she can see your death long before you can.

Heven Ramirez can break your heart if he concentrates hard enough.

Kaleb Levesque is a sculptor with a healing touch. He can give you a new lease of life.

Evelyn Alton has an Unkindness of ravens at her command.

Stuart Matheson is bound to a wheelchair, but his telekinetic power evens the odds a little.

Barnes may look like just a dog. Take your eyes off him, he may jump somewhere you can’t follow.

This epic tale covers half the globe, as it follows each character into the darkest recesses of their soul. Combining eighties-style horror with science fiction, this dark fantasy will take you on a journey you will never forget.


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