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Funding – Robert Jeschonek’s HELL’S TREASURE

Shaw Falls

The Walls Have Ears…and Voices, Too!

What if you could talk to buildings, and the buildings talked back? What if Heaven was humanity’s rightful home, and only you could tear down its walls?

These are the questions that drive Shaw Serling, the young heroine of Robert’s graphic novel, Hell’s Treasure. But the biggest question of all is this: Will you help bring Hell’s Treasure to life? If the answer is yes, prepare to receive some awesome rewards.

Bring together one award-winning writer (that’s Robert Jeschonek), one rising star artist (Megan Levens of Somewhere in Between) and one hard-hitting letterer (the man called Crank!), and you’ve got the perfect team to make Hell’s Treasure an unforgettable book.

Shaw falls

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