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Ilyan Kei Lavanway – Circumscription Hypothesis

Circumscription Hypothesis

Circumscription Hypothesis(Non-Fiction/Religion/Spirituality)

circumscription hypothesisDiscover the connection between intelligence and light and the theory of everything. Quantum physics and relativity seem contradictory rather than mutually supportive. Why? What is missing? What bridges the chasm of inexplicability and satisfies the demands of both schools of thought? Is there one equation that accounts for everything? Is there one whole within which all things can be explained? In the quest for a grand unifying equation, a theory of everything, must two camps work together as one? If we are to find a quantifiable answer that can be expressed in the mathematical language, perhaps we must acknowledge what so many are quick to dismiss. There must be a Grand Unifier that holds the keys. Intelligence must play a role in this mystery. Consider the ramifications of light and intelligence being synonymous. Consider the mortal model. Compared to the infinite span of eternity, each person’s mortal life is an infinitesimally brief quantum. However, as we all know, each individual’s mortal life is experienced and can be examined as an intelligent spatiotemporal expanse composed of years, months, days, hours, seconds, and ever smaller constituent increments of thoughts, experiences, choices, and consequences. A composite of that which acts intelligently and that which is acted upon by intelligence. Yet, the quantum of mortal life, when summed up in the eternal perspective, determines an endless and interminable state inherited after resurrection. The permanent and immutable state into which each individual enters after resurrection is a direct result of intelligent application of agency during mortal life. There are four known discrete states of resurrection, and they are permanent: Celestial, Terrestrial, Telestial, and Perdition (Outer Darkness). Inhabitants of higher states can access lower states, but inhabitants of lower states cannot access higher states. There are types and shadows of these facts available for discovery in the universe all around us, on scales ranging from the unfathomably immense to the imperceptibly small. And it is by the small and simple things that the greatest things come to be.

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