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Interview – Kyle Bell, author of the upcoming novel: Ladies Prism


Self-Publisher’s Showcase: Today we are joined by Kyle Bell, author of upcoming novel: Ladies Prism Welcome to the Showcase Lounge

KB: I appreciate the support. Thank you for the interview.

SPS: For any of our readers that haven’t come across your work previously, can you take a moment to tell us all a little about yourself and your work?

KB: I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I spent the majority of my life in a rural community called Digby. I lived in Montreal for four years, where I decided to take the craft of writing seriously. I’ve been writing for years and always dreamt about being a successful writer. I decided to start taking writing seriously roughly two years ago. The False Reality Of Martin was my debut novel and can be found online at major book retailers such as: iTunes, Kobo, Barnes & Noble. The Dark Knight Ascends His Horse is a small poetry collection that I published online as well.

SPS:  What are your perfect writing conditions, and how often do you write?

KB: My perfect writing conditions consist of being alone with my own thoughts, reflecting on life experiences, sitting in a chair, ready to type my life away. I write every single day. There are no days off over here. I aim for a word count between 5,000-10,00 words. Since I am dealing with promotion, editing, and marketing. I’ve been focusing a lot more on the business aspects than the actual writing process. However I am still writing prolifically and getting a lot of projects accomplished.

SPS: Can you put your finger on the moment where you decided that you wanted to publish your work?

KB: If there is one thing about people on the road to greatness, especially when you’re young; sleepless nights become the norm. You stay up all night contriving plans and strategizing. I was lying in bed one night for about five hours with no sleep. I saw the clock strike 5AM, and an epiphany entered my mind. The False Reality Of Martin was born. It took me nine days to write, and I just published online to see what kind of feedback I would receive. I have a version that is edited to perfection that I plan on uploading before the new-year hits. Stay tuned.

SPS: Why do you think it is that you have found yourself writing in the style that you do?

KB: I’m a man of the streets. There are a number of fallen soldiers who aren’t here to experience my success. Sometimes I reminisce and think about if the success was worth it, because I lost my first, and best friend along the way. I embody a unique perspective that is a combination of the raw, gritty streets and an intellectual viewpoint that is found in academic institutions.

SPS: What would you say, if anything, best differentiates you from other authors?

KB: I write about what other writers are blind to. The content, concepts, substance, and messages I write about are uplifting and inspiring every writer alive. As far as I’m concerned: nobody has reached the heights that I write on, cause I float in a totally different stratosphere from the rest of these writers. The ladder I’m climbing, and mountains I’m conquering, is an unmatched literary aesthetic.

SPS: Where does the inspiration for your work come from?

KB: The men and women who are incarcerated that have become statistics in the system we fight against. The graveyard that is full of dead authors, poets, dramatists, scriptwriters and artists—basically anybody who was a historical icon or renown artist. My family and anyone who shows me genuine love are a deep spark and inspiration. I gather atoms of energy from random encounters and conversations that have nothing to do with my profession.

SPS: Tell us about starting up your publishing company, and what prompted you to do so?

KB: I had decided to go independent from day one, but I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to go with a press or be self-published. I had submitted my manuscript to five different independent presses, and realized that my work was too valuable to be giving away precious royalties. I realize what I’m worth and what I deserve. I won’t let anyone dictate what I do, except God. Scotian Breeze is the movement. Treasure Words, Collect Figures is the company. History in the making; I encourage everyone to stay tuned. I can guarantee nobody will be disappointed.

SPS: What’s next on the self-publishing horizon for yourself?

KB: Ladies Prism is a novel that will romance the world. It will be available during early 2016. I’m assembling my team of professionals right now. I have everything together except for a couple more editors and the distribution deal. I plan on capitalizing off the digital market, before I get a distribution deal happening. I’m also in the midst of looking for an office space to purchase for Treasure Words, Collect Figures. Jugular Spirits will follow shortly after the release of Ladies Prism. This will be a shorter horror novel to prove my versatility as a writer. Locked Down, poetry collection, will be released before Ladies Prism. I’m hoping to put it out before 2016 hits.

SPS: Was the Self-Published/Indie-Published route always your preferred route for your work?

KB: I was never into being traditionally published. Technology, the speed of the world, and how we interact now, has allowed authors to create an internationally known voice without all of the marketing affiliations and resources these traditional publishing companies possess. The amount of work you have to put into promotion, editing, marketing and paying for distribution is extremely demanding, but the rewards for the fruits of your labour is astonishing.

SPS: Has the experience so far been all that you thought it would be?

KB: The experience has moved much faster than I expected. I decided to start my own publishing company less than a month ago, and have been able to piece things together, rapidly. What has happened thus far has been more sensational that I could’ve imagined. What will happen in the future with my company will have a thorough effect that is beyond my scope of understanding. I only have God to thank for my success and devotion.

SPS: If you could give one piece of advice for someone looking to get into writing, what would it be?

KB: Knowledge-of-self would be the most important piece of advice. Creating characters and developing them is one thing; along with a plot, setting comprehensive storyline plays a huge factor. But if you don’t know yourself, then don’t expect to create a compelling story that will captivate readers into needing more. Respecting the craft is another crucial element. Knowledge is what pays the dividends. Perfect your craft, the materialistic things will follow. This job is spent sitting alone in an open space; putting thoughts onto the page that you hope people will be interested in for the sake of art. If you aren’t comfortable with yourself, then writing isn’t the profession for you.

SPS: Before we bring this interview to a close, it’s your chance to name-drop. Anyone who you feel is deserving of more recognition at present or someone whose writing you have recently enjoyed? Now is your chance to spread the word…

KB: To be completely honest: there are a few writers who stand out for me, but the world already knows who they are. They’ve been household names for a number of years now. The only writers who impress me are in the graveyard. In terms of writers that are alive, I definitely love my work and believe that I’m the greatest alive and will only keep improving.

SPS: Thank you for joining us today, and all the best for the future.

KB: My future is bright and spirits are high. I’m very gracious and appreciative for a new platform to showcase my work. Thank you so much. Stay humble, get your money in silence and let success make the noise.

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