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Open Blog Weekend: An Overview

Open Blog Weekend

Our first Open Blog Weekend has been all that we hoped for, and more! If you missed any of the posts over the weekend here is a handy list of what you may have missed:

The Man Who Cures by Brian Guthrie [Short Story]

15 Tips For Getting Book Reviews by Suanne Laqueur

Preparing for the Editing process by Working Mama Media

Why Authors Need to Stop Blaming the Self-Publishing Industry and Own the Process by Dee Lockett

Outcomes Don’t Belong To Me by Bobby Oliveira [Poem]

Would you mind if I left now? by Tom Palfirey

Online Dating Sucks, Chapter 10 by John Gavin [Excerpt]

I always knew I wanted to be a writer; I had no idea I was going to be a publisher by Richard Watt

Ambition by Sue Millard

Don’t Crack Under Pressure by Jan M. Leotti

Writing for Social Justice by Kate Robinson

Anesthetic by Faith Cotter

Self-Publishing Alchemy by Harry Patz, Jr.

Sex and Dinner by Nicholas Rossis [Short Story]

The Beginner’s Dive into Book Promotion by E. Rawls

We’d love to hear all of your comments on any of the blog posts featured.

Thanks again to all involved!

Paul and The Team

  1. Nicholas RossisNicholas Rossis10-06-2014

    Quite the eclectic selection – there’s something for everyone! Congrats on the Open Weekend’s success! 🙂

  2. Faith CotterFaith Cotter10-06-2014

    I thought there was a really great mix of information for people new to the indie publishing industry (or who need a refresher). I really enjoyed reading all of the advice they had to offer, and will be sure to keep it in mind!

  3. Faith CotterFaith Cotter10-06-2014

    Also–glad to see it was such a success! Congratulations!

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