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Review – Amber Cavalier Spiler’s THE SECRET OF BLACKWATCH


blackwatchThis is a delightful read for horse-lovers of all ages. Aimed at an audience between approximately 8 to 12 years of age, it begins with 11-year-old Maggie and her father as they try to pick up the pieces shortly after her mother’s death. When her father takes her to Blackwatch Stables for the first time, her mother’s love of riding becomes hers as well. As Maggie learns how to care for her pony and makes friends with the other riders, she discovers that the history of Blackwatch is intricately entwined with her family’s history. All is not as it seems, and Maggie finds herself thrown into a struggle that tests the strength of her newly discovered gifts and friendships. The magic happens when Maggie forms an unexpected bond with her new pony, Bella, whom Maggie found herself rescuing as she was shopping for a pony. As it turns out, destiny stepped in and so begins Maggie’s adventure as she discovers who her mother really was and Maggie’s own hidden talents.

We are introduced to Maggie and her father as they struggle through everyday life without their beloved mother and wife. Revealing these characters and their relationship with each other through this difficult stage of life was well done by the author as it sets up for the life-changing events about to take place. We have a quick but stable foundation from which to take off when the craziness starts.

The pacing picks up pretty quickly in the second half of the book and is a fun read. My only quibbles are some minor inconsistencies and the lack of depth of some of the characters’ relationships. Since I believe this is the start of a series, I will give the author the benefit of the doubt that the latter issue will resolve itself later.

Overall, a quick and fun read for animal lovers, I think, and not only for equestrian fans. Looking forward to see how Maggie’s world changes with more magic and adventure awaiting her.

**** 3 1/2 Stars!!!


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