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Review – J.S. Snow’s Redemption: Metal Prodigy Series, Book I


RedemptionI have stated before that art in any form should challenge you. It shouldn’t be easy to look at, listen to, or read and with J.S. Snow’s Redemption I should have been careful what I wished for. The very start of the book has a warning from the author about the nature of some of the stories content, especially the prologue, but being the hard man I am I scoffed and thought to myself how bad could it actually be? Well! I am a father of five children and the prologue of Redemption is perhaps the toughest section of a book I have had to stomach. The description of career criminal Vic and his sordid child sex trafficking project was stunning, both emotionally and the way it was written. Snow transported me to a world I really didn’t want to visit and showed me the underbelly of society that sickened me to my very core. As the book went on we got a more traditional story, the one of Alex, an abandoned child who grows up to become a world famous heavy metal star, and the character development throughout the novel was superb.

This was a book about the past. How what happens to us as younger people can either make us or break us. I have been immersed in the music business myself as a drummer with a now defunct band so I can swear the tribulations of the business that Snow describes are spot on, but it is the childhood and THAT prologue that I will remember long after this review is no longer front page news.

Not a book for everyone, and you really do need an open mind and a strong stomach to even get through the first few pages, but if you can do that you are rewarded with an incredible novel as your prize.

**** 4 Stars!!!


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