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Review – Shadow of the Drill, by Rhani D’Chae

Shadow Of The Drill

If you need a badass call Decker.

Pour a tall glass of Steve McQueen’s Bullitt into the body of Sly Stalones Rocky before he fought Apollo the first time and you have Decker. Unrepentant bruiser, legend on mean streets he spends most of his time making cash by dealing with trash. He hangs out at his partner Rudy’s strip joint, watching gorgeous women clean the pockets of whoever walks into the place. Decker and Rudy are cool in the violent situations they find themselves from back alley beatings to more deadly fare. The women in their lives are pulled to them by their good looks, money, and the the disillusionment that they may someday slow down and become normal men. They aren’t. They are the hard faced cogs in an underworld most people don’t know exists. They continually drill their own lives deeper into the shadows.

Rhani D’Chae has a style that screams hard boiled 70’s yarn. It’s refreshing to see the cooler type of antihero again. I’d love to compare Decker to Michael Cain in Get Carter, but I can’t. He acts similar in a lot of situations. Especially in his detached attitude towards women. This is the old school way to show confidence. That transfers over to when he finds himself in situations out of his control. We don’t see a blubbering mess of a gun squeezer. We see the cool resolute and determination of a man hardened by the streets. He never repents and never turns his eyes away from the brutal task ahead of him.

This is a fantastic read for anyone looking for hard boiled thrillers with a darker edge.

*****Five Stars


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