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Review: Susan Moore Jordan’s Eli’s Heart

Elis Heart

Eli's HeartEli Levin is a musical prodigy. Albeit one born with a serious heart defect that means he may not live past 30. Sheltered by his mother through his childhood, even when Eli is fortunate enough to meet a young lady who catches his eye in Krissy, his mother intervenes to protect her son from what she perceives to be a risk to his happiness.
Three years later and Eli and Krissy are fortunate enough to have a second chance. Despite the fact they are separated by hundreds of miles they connect again. Through letters and phone calls they come to realise they have fallen for each other and after meeting up again they arrange to be married.

From here, there are hurdles to overcome: Eli’s over-protective mother, his jealousy of ex-boyfriends, and the long hours of practice Eli requires to attain the high standards he has for himself. Will they succeed in love? Will new procedures extend Eli’s life expectancy? Could it all come crashing down at any moment?

Eli’s Heart from Susan Moore Jordan was a very pleasant surprise for me. I know little of the era, and even less of the classical music that is referred to often in the book. But rather than detract from the story, it made me appreciate it more. The love for the time, and the music, shines through in Jordan’s writing. The attention to detail is perfect.

The story is told in a way that made me feel a part of the tale. It felt as though I had taken a seat and listened to, rather than read, the story of Levin’s life. His choices, his successes and his struggles. It made me feel as though I was privy to the most intimate details of his life. How each character struggles to cope with the fact Eli’s heart could give out at any moment, and how those left behind would deal with the aftermath.

I can’t praise Eli’s Heart enough. It reads as such a personal story. Tenderly crafted to pull at the heart strings, but gently so. The highs and lows felt so personal, I have no doubt that I will sit down in the future and read about Eli Levin all over again.

***** 5 Stars!



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