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September 2018’s Top 5 Featured Authors

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The most popular authors on the site during September were as follows:

September 2018

1. Doris-Maria Heilmann

doris-nva_0041-copyDoris-Maria Heilmann has more than 30 years experience in writing, publishing and book marketing consultation. She started her writing / teaching career in the field of commercial aviation. She published several books, related to aviation and also her own flight & travel magazine “USA BY AIR”, which was a great success.

Magazine and Book Publisher
Her role as a magazine publisher-editor-art-director-marketing-manager included also self-publishing of technical & non-fiction books.

At Algonquin College, she studied e-publishing / marketing, including web & graphic design, professional photography, writing for the web, editing, investigative journalism, social media and e-marketing.

Doris-Maria Heilmann has written several books on publishing and e-marketing and more than 1,600 helpful blog articles. Beside her own books, she also publishes other authors.

Doris-Maria’s author page

2. Malini Chaudhri

Malini Chaudhri Ph.D is a technical writer with statutes. She is a senior professional in Alternative medicine, formal Academy Qualification manager(UK Occupational Standards), Assessor and content developer. She is an authorized skills knowledge provider and has developed a database through her authors works on technical systems of manual massage and alternative therapies. She catalogues, maintains archives and directories of essential methodology for global competency. She is licensed in Acupuncture from WHO(china), and in Sports massage from USA. Her main specialization is Low level laser, where she demonstrated academia based on a senior fraternity of scientists.

She has lived and worked in China, USA and India, and received privileges through grants and sponsorship to pursue her projects and international studies.

Malini’s author page

3. Michelle, The Computer Lady

tmrclogoWhen Computer Technical Analyst/Tech Writer; Michelle Cox was diagnosed with breast cancer last summer, she did not give up or fall into a depression. Instead, she turned the diagnosis into a wakeup call to pursue her dream to make a difference as a children’s book author.
Michelle started a publishing company for her books with the hopes of igniting a love of reading and technology at a young age.
As a Computer, Technical Analyst and Tech Writer by day, Michelle fuses her technological and writing skills to enhance and create technical training documents.
In her latest personal project, Michelle uses her background to write for a completely different audience- the future generation of technical professionals.
With her first book, “Mommy, is the Computer Smarter than Me?” Michelle said she hopes that her book will have a positive effect, “especially in the lives of children, as they are full of wonder and are little sponges seeking information.”
Michelle was inspired to write while she was recovering from surgery.
Michelle explains, “I had my epiphany as I was at home healing and contemplating my life and how long I might have to live. With cancer, the average life expectancy is five years and that’s if you catch it early and respond to the treatments. With this knowledge, my desire has become to leave this world a little better place to live and perform work that makes a positive contribution to our lives.”
To learn more about Michelle’s journey, associates can check out her blog which includes emotional posts about her diagnosis and her writing project. The blog also includes a summary of her first book and mission statement of her project.
Michelle is also planning on releasing two more books, “Mommy; What are the Olympics?” and “Mommy, Why Can We Only See Daddy on the Computer?”

Michelle’s author page

4. K’Anne Meinel

K’Anne Meinel is a fiction bestselling author with more than 98 published works including shorts, novellas, and novels. She is an American author born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and raised in Oconomowoc. Upon early graduation from high school she went to a private college in Milwaukee and then moved to California for seventeen years before returning to the state. Many of her stories have Wisconsin in them as settings for her wonderful, realistic, and detailed backgrounds. Called the Danielle Steel of her time, K’Anne continues to write interesting stories in a variety of genres in both the lesbian and mainstream fiction categories. K’Anne is also the publisher and owner of Shadoe Publishing, and in December 2017 she started the Lesfic Bard Awards.

K’Anne’s author page

5. Ken Humphrey

Ken HumphreyKen Humphrey has always written, starting with elementary when his teachers forced him to learn English and the spelling of things. He moved on from signing his name to stringing words together in an attempt to tell stories. His leap to the next level came from his son’s 4th grade teacher during a class conference. She mentioned that there weren’t many books for a 10 year old boy. Whether true or not, Ken immediately began to spin a story in his head. And by immediately, he means IMMEDIATELY. He doesn’t remember what else was said during the conference, but assumes his son passed the grade.

Now, a year later, Ken is the author of the young reader series Raimy Rylan (The World Serpent and Chase of the Samurai), and adult thrillers Killing the Man and the forthcoming Killing Face (Fall 2015). He relies on coffee and Jameson – often at the same time – for inspiration, and has a dozen books slated for production over the next decade.

You can find him below. Stop in and say hi. Bring alcohol.

Ken’s author page

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