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T.O. Munro – Wrath of the Medusa

Wrath Of The Medusa

wrath of the medusaAuthor T.O.Munro – Tom – is celebrating the forthcoming publication of the second book in his fantasy epic series, the bloodline trilogy. The first book, Lady of the Helm, came out on Amazon Kindle in June to much praise from reviewers expressing their eagerness to see the next instalment. The enthusiasm from readers has been a powerful motivator for Tom to get writing and editing. Now book two “Wrath of the Medusa” is poised to go live on Amazon on Friday 6th December.

Tom is particularly pleased that the features which he worked so hard on in Lady of the Helm are the ones which resonated most strongly with the readers generating comments like:
“The story lines twist and turn and always kept me guessing”
“This book will appeal to anyone who enjoyed “The Lord of the Rings” or “The Hobbit”.
“All the different characters are well fleshed out and all the different story lines meet brilliantly.”
“Written very well, good storyline and great, in-depth characters.”

The same intricate plotting and characterisation have been carried through into the second book, as Niarmit and her companions navigate their way through external perils and internal strife in the struggle to keep the Salved people free from enslavement by their greatest enemy.

Along the way, Tom took a break from writing this epic 160,000 word second instalment to write a 2,000 word short story. The Battle of Bledrag Field is a prequel to the trilogy set five years before the events of Lady of the Helm. This story won a competition on the fantasy faction website and can also be found now on the Self-Publishing Showcase right here. Tom was delighted with the feedback on the short story. The commentator who simply expressed a regret that it had to be so short can now satiate himself with two full length novels which carry the story forward.

Wrath of the Medusa is modestly priced on Amazon at £1.99 or $2.99 while for those new to the series, Lady of the Helm can be picked up at the bargain price of £0.77 or $0.99. Once again, readers can enjoy the magnificent artwork of Paganus. The cover designer has perfectly captured the character of Dema in his compelling image of the eponymous anti-heroine of the “Wrath of the Medusa.”

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