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Those Poor, Poor Bastards by Marquitz, Martin and Soward


In 1868, Nina Weaver and her pa, Lincoln, came down out of the Sierra Nevada to trade at Coburn Station, and to check out the newfangled “iron road” those bastards of the Central Pacific were stabbing right through the mountains with pickaxe, hammer, and black powder.

Just another damned thing to put the tribes on the warpath again, Nina reckoned. And with her being a half-blood, Pa cautioned her more than a few times to keep her dadgum hat on and her head down.

Being taken for an “Injun” becomes the least of their concerns, however, when the impossible happens. Hordes of walking dead, that’s right—“deaduns”—overrun Coburn Station, forcing Nina, Pa, and a few other hard-bitten survivors to hightail it dead west into the hostile hills to escape this dark Devil’s plague.


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