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Review – Caroine Jones Lewis’s Monday’s Child

Mondays Child

The Swinging Sixties. A decade of change for everyone and the setting for Monday’s Child. The story centres around London …

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Review – Clive Endive Ogive IV’s Private Clubs in America and Around the World…

Private Clubs

Between the length of the title and the author’s name I thought I would really struggle with this work of …

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Tim Marquitz – Exit Wounds (Demon Squad 7)

Exit Wounds Demon Squad 7

Exit Wounds: Demon Squad 7 (Urban Fantasy) Actions have consequences. For Frank “Triggaltheron” Trigg, those consequences involve prison. Specifically, an …

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Guest Post: Questions, answers and rollercosters by James Walley

Forty First

“So, what’s your book about?” That’s the familiar question when someone learns that you’ve decided to take the plunge and …

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Review – James Walley’s The Forty First Wink

Forty First

The Forty First Wink is the debut release from British writer, James Walley. The story centers around Marty, who after …

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The upcoming AUTHOR RESOURCES feature

SelfPublishersShowcase Logo Colours

WE HAVE NEWS!!! We are looking at developing a new section here on The Showcase. One in which we are …

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FREE: T.W. Malpass’s Sanctuary 12 : July 4th – 6th

Sanctuary 12

Sanctuary 12: Book 1 of the Fallen Gods Saga (Fantasy/Horror/Science-Fiction) FOLLOW HER VOICE Nine strangers, linked by the inner whisperings …

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FREE: Michelle Medhat’s Connected: The Shift – July 4th

The Shift

Connected: The Shift (Thriller/Commercial Fiction) After the events of Connected: The Call, many questions remain unanswered. What isn’t Ellie telling? …

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July’s Featured 5 authors

SelfPublishersShowcase Logo Colours

TOP PROFILE – Rebecca Lombardo, author of It’s Not Your Journey In her first published work, Rebecca Lombardo collects her …

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The Inspiration for Eli’s Heart by Susan Moore Jordan

Susan Moore Jordan E1402095826346

Eli’s Heart was inspired by a friendship I had decades ago with a brilliant teenage pianist born with a defective …

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Review – Steve Justice’s The One: The Tale of a Lost Romantic in Seoul

The One Seoul

I have to say before I go any further that some books that are published by the author themselves come …

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A word from Kitty…

Kitty Mulholland

Hi. My name is Kitty Mulholland and I’m a swinger. Saying it like that makes me feel as though I …

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FREE: J.L. Murray’s Niki Slobodian Books 1 and 4: July 3rd – 6th

Btdatdbs Ns1

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Niki Slobodian, Book 1 (Fantasy/Horror) Niki Slobodian sees things – things that …

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Review – Janes Davis’ Funeral For An Owl


A Funeral for an Owl is a timely work that gives us insight into the world of teenage gangs and …

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Review – Debbie White’s Salty Dog

The Salty Dog

Libby is a San Francisco city girl at heart, so when Luke, her marketing executive husband suggests they just sell …

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Frank Bukowski – Reality TV

Reality TV

Reality TV (Comedy/Literary Fiction) Meet England footballer and walking brand David Crimp. Adore his vacuous bimbo of a WAG Lara. …

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Brigette Manie – Local Gold

Kindle Local Gold

Local Gold: Five Brothers’ Books (Romance/Inspirational/Family & Relationships) Brianna and Bart have been dancing around each other for years. A …

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