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Interview – Christopher Stokes, author of The Distant Glimmer

Christopher Stokes

Self-Publisher’s Showcase: Today we are joined by Christopher Stokes, author of The Distant Glimmer, and the Squirt the Elephant children’s …

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FREE: Eli Yaakunah’s The Woman Who Sparked The Greatest Love Scandal Of All Time: July 21st – 23rd

Love Scandal

Love is transformation. Ishtar finds a man who turns lead into gold, but he disappears mysteriously. She looks for him …

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Review – A.J. Walters’ A Constant Attraction

A Constant Attraction

The second book in the Attraction series serves us a strong sequel to ‘An Acute Attraction’. After finishing up the …

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Review – James Calbraith’s The Chrysanthemum Seal

The Chrysanthemum Seal

The Chrysanthemum Seal by James Calbraith is the fifth in the Year of the Dragon series. Set in a world …

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FREE: Matthew Berlin’s LEGENDS OF LUSTRIA: July 18th

Legends Of Lustria

Legends of Lustria: Embark (Fantasy/Action/MG/YA) Lustria, the Eternal World, is threatened by a seemingly unstoppable force; the Evil. It has …

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Interview – Linda Kovic-Skow, author of French Illusions


Self-Publisher’s Showcase: Today we are joined by Linda Kovic-Skow, author of French Illusions: My Story as an American Au Pair …

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Interview – Leandra Martin, author of Dark One Rising

Leandra Martin Disc

Self-Publisher’s Showcase: Today we are joined by Leandra Martin, author of The Tanith Prophecy. Welcome to the Showcase Lounge, Leandra.  …

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Guest Post: Frank Bukowski’s review of ‘Surely You’re Joking Mr Feynman’, by Richard P Feynman.

Surely Youre Joking Mr Feynman

Knowing from experience how deflating a negative review can be, I have a rule that if I don’t get along …

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Review – Carla J. Hanna’s Starlet’s Web

Starlets Web

Starlet’s Web is the first in a series of coming-of-age books by Carla J Hanna, about the life of Liana …

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Review – Mitch Davies’s The Inn of Fallen Leaves

The Inn Of Fallen Leaves

There are some times in a reviewer’s life when terrible flashbacks occur and this one of those occasions. I never …

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Christopher Stokes – The Revenant of Black Manor


The Revenant of Black Manor (Horror) Live as a murderer, Die as a Revenant; When multimillionaire Michael Gold becomes bored …

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Guest Post: The Heart of the Indie Writer by Chelsie Shock

Chelsie Shock

What an amazing time we live in today. Opportunities and possibilities are endless. If things hadn’t changed this much in …

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FREE: Chelsie Shock’s ROGUE: July 16th – 18th

Rogue 2

Rogue: The Novi Orders, Book I (Science-Fiction/Dystopian) In the future the New World has suffered bombings, world wars, the tectonic …

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Review – Calvin Bland’s Thoughts of a Pure Mind

Power In Your Thoughts

This is a book of poems by Calvin Bland, covering many aspects of human emotion from a very personal viewpoint. …

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Review – Tim Bedford’s RED


In a small, normally cold, village amidst the forests and mountains, things are hotting up. It seems that it’s going …

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Nicholas Rossis – Mad Water: Pearseus, Book III

Mad Water

Mad Water – Pearseus, Book 3 (Science-Fiction) In the third book of the best-selling Pearseus series, the incessant scheming of …

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Review – Clayton Smith’s Apocalypticon


With so many post apocalypse novels on the market it is hard to find something a bit different but Clayton …

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Leona Landry Thor – Scratch


Scratch: Madison Price, Detective Story – And Four To? (Crime/Mystery) A detective from the state of Utah, travels to Los …

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T.A. Uner – Doctor Mars

Doctor Mars

Doctor Mars (YA/Science-Fiction/Short Stories) In the early 22nd century, Mars has been fully colonized and terraformed by humans. On this …

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FREE: Amanda Meuwissen’s INCUBUS: July 9th – 12th


Incubus: The Incubus Saga, Book 1 (Erotica/Paranormal Romance/LGBT/Urban Fantasy) Nathan only ever wanted a normal life, but for him, life, …

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