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Open Blog Weekend: A Symphony of Adrenaline and Drama: Writing Epic Action

Open Blog Weekend

I’m an action junkie, no two ways about it. Superheroes, sci-fi, fantasy, horror––if it gets my blood pumping, then I’m …

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Open Blog Weekend: Manuscript Appraisals

Open Blog Weekend

Finding the path to writing a ‘publishable’ piece of fiction is a balancing act: it takes good prose, a well-crafted …

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July’s Open Blog Weekend

Open Blog Weekend

It’s now been just under 2 years since we launched. We are still trying our best to keep all rates …

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Summer Reading – The Challenge of the New Millennium by Kevin J. Villeneuve


Do you remember the first book that you truly enjoyed? The one that pulled you so far into its world …

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Guest Post: 9 Traits Shared by Successful Self-Publishers by James A. Rose

SelfPublishersShowcase Logo Colours Thin

Self-publishing is hard work, there’s no getting around that fact. Successful self-publishing is even harder. If it’s your dream then …

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Guest Post: Reaching for the stars by Kevin J. Villeneuve


Have you ever taken the time to stare into the night sky and actually feel into it? It’s at that …

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Guest Post: A look inside an agent’s head by Frank Bukowski

The Football Agent

Take a look inside a football agent’s head and prepare to be scared, very scared “Rich Dinero is the world’s …

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Back to the Nineteen-Fifties

Susan Moore Jordan E1402095826346

Time Travel All three of the novels I have written (You Are My Song, Eli’s Heart, How I Grew Up) …

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William Shakespeare’s Birthday by Martin Baum


Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. These words written by William Shakespeare …

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Guest Post: Kevin J. Villeneuve’s Sci-fi Learning – Young Readers and the Environment

Sci Fi Learning

Environmentalism is a topic that has been fairly mainstream in world media for the past two decades. With technology progressing …

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Guest Post: Steve Dullum’s Odyssey of the Abecedarian – Part Four

Author Photo

For anyone who missed Part Three you can find it here Hi, it’s me again. Time to wrap up this …

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Guest Post: Making Time To Write by Eileen Granfors

Eileen Granfors

People have asked me how I manage to read so many books. They don’t realize that reading is only one …

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Guest Post: Tony Russell – Commons People: Your life in their hands

Tony Russell

When I interviewed a group of MPs for my first book Commons People – MPs are Human Too, I wanted …

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Guest Post: 3 Tips for Developing a Daily Writing Habit by Kevin Tumlinson

Kevin Tumlinson

Good writing is about two things: Persistence and making up a second thing as you go. I’m not the only …

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Surviving a Genre-Identity Crisis: What I’ve Learned as a Virgin Author by JC Stockli

Jc Stockli

I can say with firm conviction that I never thought I’d write a book, much less self-publish. It just happened. …

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Guest Post: Organizing Your Writing Work Day by Paul Travis

Paul Travis

As writers it’s very easy to say we have a full agenda each day…right? Either we are crafting, promoting, researching, …

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Guest Post: Mea Culpa (Trilogy Writing) by Eileen Granfors


First-hand experience may be the best teacher, but I hope this blog post will save other writers from the mistakes …

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Guest Post: The Importance of Editing by Gabby Weiss


Self publishing authors have this in common: they need an editor. If there were one piece of advice I’d give …

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Guest Post: In Search of Character by Karen Long


I am a great fan of the HBO series, ‘Autopsy’, which focuses on strange deaths and the purveyors thereof…One of …

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Guest Post: Creating Compelling Titles by Dale Vande Griend


From the writing and work I’ve done creating videos, I’ve found out that a great title is something that often …

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