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FREE: GJ Griffiths’ The So What! Stories Trilogy: September 25th-26th

SWS Trilogy Promo Cover2

The So What! Stories Trilogy (Contemporary fiction/Humor/Crime/Thriller)

SWS Trilogy promo cover2This Great Blockbuster Trilogy of the So What! Stories has it all – Humour, teenage heartache and criminal thrills and spills!
In Book One we follow the career of teacher Robert Jeffrey through the antics of his pupils – in and out of the classroom.
In Book Two we find Molly Pearson, Robert’s student teacher, attempting to create a wildlife and nature garden with the help of her Year 7 kids, against dramatic odds!
In Book Three the reader has to keep up with ex-pupil detective Shantra as he pursues the desperate criminals who caused trauma and tragedy to the school community.

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