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Funding – Dean Smith-Richard’s 3024AD Print Edition

3024AD Cover

Our latest highlighted Funding project, comes courtesy of Dean Smith-Richard

DES Richard

Start Date: March 18th 2014
Duration: 30 Days
End Date: April 17th 2014
Funding Goal: $2’000

The conquered universe is a political powder-keg, ready to explode- short stories in a common universe.

What is 3024AD?

It is a different kind of short story collection, with all stories set in a common universe and forming a congruent overall story. While many of them stand alone, they all tie back to common threads, and are (collectively and individually) pieces of a larger puzzle.

In the future, humanity is still much itself. The modern world has expanded into outer space, and thousands of businesses and corporations possess planets instead of factories. Slavery is common. Frontier planets, barely livable, are worked only by the bravest. Titan Station, once mankind’s greatest achievement, orbits Jupiter, abandoned to gangsters. New York City is a commonly known archaeological dig. The conquered universe is a political powder-keg, ready to explode on dozens of stations and planets. Meanwhile, Badger chases freedom. Magdalena Aznar chases ideals. Sabrina Trent chases the past. Digger is simply an anomaly.

This collection of stories reaches into the future one thousand years. It tells the tales of several persons, with dark and secret pasts, with only a hint of a promise of revelation. It tells of humanity in the future, how small choices matter and how small paths cross- for good or evil.

Want to read a sample? You can download a story here for free!

Why a Print Edition? Why Kickstarter?

Although it was originally released in April of 2013, and has gathered some small attention (including being The Cult Den’s pick for Best Self-Published Book of 2013), there are some editing errors Dean wants to see cleaned up. It’s also getting a new cover.

In addition, one of his goals is to expand beyond the common digital distribution and reach out to brick-and-mortar bookstores, and this will help fund the printing of physical copies to distribute, as well as shipping and consignment costs.

After this campaign ends, Dean has partnered with his local bookstore for a release event and to distribute it through them. The physical book will be available in-store and online exclusively through Village Books for 30 days before it appears on Amazon or elsewhere. After that, it will be available in more and more indie bookstores around the country (if you want it in yours, please let them and Dean know!). All backers, of course, get their copies sooner!

Kickstarter allows Dean to get you, the reader, more involved in this process and do a lot of fun, limited-run things with the rewards that he wouldn’t otherwise be able to do.

If you are interested in the project do get involved. Visit Dean’s Kickstarter page RIGHT HERE

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