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Kathe Todd – The Sword of Myralis

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The Sword of Myralis: Darkshield Book 3 (Fantasy/Romance)

9173+61BVyL._SL1500_Visiting in Carlienne as she searches for more ancient mysteries to explore, Adara can’t resist an interspecies romance with a devastatingly gorgeous young elven smith. But the differences in their lifespans mean this relationship can only end in pain. She’d thought it would be a brief, fun fling – but after going on the hunt for a legendary elven artifact with him, she realizes she’s bitten off more than she can chew. Not even the Darkshield can save Adara from what they will find. Adventure, magic, and an exploration of the implications of near-immortality join with sizzling sex and doomed love in the third volume of the Darkshield series.


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