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Review – G.A. Taylor’s Return To Brude

ReturnToBrude G.A.Taylor

Annie McBride is twelve and lives in a little cottage in Glendowf with her two aunts, Maggie and Peg, and …

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Review – Faith Cotter’s Paper Dragons

Paper Dragons

Paper Dragons is a powerful and moving story that takes us into the mind of a young girl as she …

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Review – Michael Wessel’s The Singular Illusion

The Singular Illusion

The Singular Illusion is a psychological fantasy thriller in a very literal sense in that it uses the brain as …

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Review – J.P. Leck’s The Merely Mortal

The Merely Mortal

If you are one who has ever suspected, even in part, that there are, truly, monsters of both human and …

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Review – David Wolf’s Mindclone


How would you react to meeting yourself? To seeing yourself on a computer screen and interacting with someone you knew …

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Review – Bridie Blake’s The Jewel of Kamara

The Jewel Of Kamara

*Contains Spoilers Following the story of Tempani of Amarill a mixed race noblewoman trapped between two worlds, The Jewel of …

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Review – Steve Dullum’s The Spiral

The Spiral Paperback E1409094512669

Alan Geffen thinks he may have finally got his life together; a small town home, a beautiful girlfriend, a good …

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Review – Marc Nash’s 28 Far Cries


The phrase ‘a far cry’ means something that isn’t quite as you expected it, that a once familiar thing has …

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Review – Gene DeRosa’s 6-13 A Friday the 13th Movie Trivia Book

6 13 Friday 13th

I approached reviewing this trivia guide with some hesitation. The trouble with books of this type is they often preach …

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Review – Gino Arcaro’s 4th and Hell

4th And Hell

It’s a classic story of the underdog. A Canadian club Football team, the Niagara X-Men, crosses the border for a …

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Review – David H. Millar’s Conall: Rinn-Iru

Conall Rinn Iru

Mr. Millar’s belief that Gaelic was a language to be sung and an extensive list of Gaelic pronunciations make it …

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Review – Hans M. Hirschi’s The Fallen Angels of Karnataka

Fallen Angels

I looked at the title of this book, not knowing anything about it, and expected an “angels and demons” fantasy …

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Review – S.N Pearse’s Finding Jane

Finding Jane

Months of constant rain and bad weather have lead to a landslip in the shadows of Whitby’s iconic Abbey, unearthing …

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Review – The Forty First Wink by James Walley

Forty First

Marty is having a bad morning. Roused from slumber by a gang of polo mallet-wielding monkeys and a mysterious voice …

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Review – David Edwards’ The Black Hand Gang

The Black Hand Gang

A book about how Facebook has taken over the world that isn’t actually non-fiction? Colour me intrigued. What you actually …

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Review – J.S. Snow’s Redemption: Metal Prodigy Series, Book I


I have stated before that art in any form should challenge you. It shouldn’t be easy to look at, listen …

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Review – David Allan Sturman’s The Broken Son

The Broken Son 1

There is a line in the “About the Author” section of The Broken Son that, once you’ve read book, will …

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Review – Amber Cavalier Spiler’s THE SECRET OF BLACKWATCH


This is a delightful read for horse-lovers of all ages. Aimed at an audience between approximately 8 to 12 years …

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Review – J.M. Preston’s The Great Poem Book

Poem Book

I’m a big poetry fan and am always interested to try new writers as I come across them so the …

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Review – Mark Binmore’s Now Is Not The Time For Trumpets

Trumpets Binmore

The synopsis for this book starts off – “Stephen Wallingford died intestate in 1990, aged 86, and has in recent …

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