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The End of Year Interviews – #7 Catherine Taylor


Before we get stuck in, can you tell our readers a little about yourself?

Writing has been a passion all my life, and I’d always had big dreams of becoming a published author. In 2012 my dream came true when I self-published my first erotic thriller. Since then, I’ve gone on to publish four more stories in this series. Most of them are set in New Zealand, where I live and spend my days writing and being Nanny to my four grandchildren.


If you’ve released new work in the past twelve months, can you tell us about it, and how you think it’s done, thus far?

My last book, Sins of the Master, was published in October 2015, after 19 months of research, writing and editing. At 750 pages and 249,000 words, it was an exhaustive, but very satisfying achievement. It was a sequel to my previous bestseller Master, and on release day sold over 300 copies. This was the story I had always longed to write with politics, espionage and a murder mystery combined into an erotic thriller.


Was there anything about your release(s) that you wish you’d done differently?

I was strongly advised to split my book and release it in three parts. That was certainly a viable option and would have generated more income, but I know many readers feel cheated if a story isn’t complete and ends on a cliff hanger. I also know that many readers would struggle through a book of this length. I did agonise on this decision and then released it as one book, simply because I wanted my entire story out there.


How do you feel your writing style or process has changed this past year?

I feel my writing style is always changing as I venture into bigger challenges and take more risks. I have more confidence now to really challenge myself.


Do you have a proudest moment of the year?

My proudest moment of the year was seeing all three books of my trilogy go to the top 100 in erotic thrillers on Amazon UK with the second book of my trilogy going to #1


Do you have a surprising fan/reader moment of 2016?

At the beginning of the year I received an email from a woman in the UK who wrote to tell me how much joy my books have brought her. She had been unwell for months and had spent hours alone at home bedridden. I felt very humbled that my books had been a source of comfort for her.


Do you have a favorite 2016 interaction with a reader or a favorite review?

For most authors, getting reviews is always a struggle, and so when a reader feels compelled to write one, that is incredibly rewarding. This reader put an enormous smile on my face with these very kind words for my last release. “After reading hundreds of books I’ve never bother to write a review, but this book was so amazing I had to leave a comment. This book is by far the best I’ve ever read and worth more than 5 stars, this book takes you on a journey and grips you from the start and Catherine Taylor’s writing makes you feel like you are part of the story.”


Do you have any advice for new authors or anything about the industry that’s changed that you think new authors should really know about?

Since 2012, I’ve watched the self-publishing industry become an enormous industry, which only makes it harder for a new author to get noticed. My advice is to make sure your book stands out in every area. Make sure your book is perfectly edited and formatted. Look at traditionally published books and get that front matter neat and professional. Have an awesome cover and an exciting, enticing blurb. One area new authors struggle is in promoting their book. We are taught not to blow our own horn, but in this industry, we do have to be loud and well engaged in social media. I have found Twitter to be my best media for promotion.


Do you have a favorite book from the past year?

I rarely read Young Adult books, but I was awed by the cover of Forever Blue by indie author Abby Wilder. The blurb was also enticing and so I took a chance and thoroughly enjoyed the book.


What are you currently working on?

I am working on the sixth book in my series.


What do you have planned for 2017?

Firstly shedding a few pounds that hours of writing have added in recent years and incorporating some good walks into every day. I’d like to feel a little healthier while I am working on this new book with


Where is the best place to keep up to date with you and your work?

I do have a website, but these days you’ll find more up to date info by following me on Twitter @NZEroticAuthor. It’s a great place to promote, but it also allows me to support other authors by tweeting for them.


Thank you for your time, and all the best for the year ahead.

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