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Writer’s Block

Baum By The Sea

“A writer left a suicide note. There was nothing on it.”

Research has shown 80% of people say they have a book inside of them. However, whilst some might begin the writing process sadly, as is all too predictable, only a few are sufficiently capable to go on and actually complete a manuscript.

Writing a book always requires structure, discipline and application, yet it’s surprising how many fail at one or all of these elementary stages. It’s saddening, if not disheartening, and compounded still further by the onset of writer’s block.

It’s important to remember that these things happen because it’s all part of the process. Often the most effective antidote is to give yourself space by simply walking away instead of forcing the issue.

Nobody can make things happen through will power alone because the story will not write itself. The fact is that it will take as long as it takes and writing doesn’t get any easier by staring at a blank page.

Remember, writing isn’t a sprint. By separating yourself from your manuscript for even just a few hours or even days, you will have a fresh perspective and focus which will reignite your passion, creativity and commitment.
There are no short cuts, but by going easier on yourself the process can offer an effective and incisive way through the dreaded writer’s block.

Next time I’ll be looking at research.

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