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Guest Post: Organizing Your Writing Work Day by Paul Travis

Paul Travis

As writers it’s very easy to say we have a full agenda each day…right? Either we are crafting, promoting, researching, advancing ourselves by taking classes, but we can’t forget the things that need to be done in our daily lives outside of work. I have seen a few of my writing friends struggle with keeping on task, committing and I could see the guilt in their eyes. One mustn’t worry because I may have the words you need to help you organize your day and staying on task to complete your amazing masterpiece.

The Three Must Haves

In order to give your best self you must be sure that you have three things to take your worries, fears and distractions-I know sometimes it can be challenging, but it’s for your benefit. We all have a different set of responsibilities we must complete so I am giving a basic summary which you can take and apply to your day! I am sure by now you are wondering what exactly these three must haves are. In order to have a structured day you need to have a clear mind and these three things will help ensure it!

1. Steady income

a. It’s a shame but I have seen many writers struggle to get their work done due to finical worries. Find something that puts your mind at ease so you can finish your work and become all you have ever dreamed. For example: A blogging gig, or anything to help you get into the right state of mind. (Tip: Don’t allow money to dictate anything. Allow it to be a part of the journey, not control. Create your own happiness.)

2. Faith.

a. Another thing is I have seen many, not just writers, but everyone in general self-doubt themselves. Many of my readers enjoyed this one line from the behind the scenes of a poem from my poetry book, Who I Am: Poetry, “Rejection is simply redirection to the greatness awaiting you.” I received multiple comments regarding that line. From personal experience I can say it is true and behind those words all I had was faith when something would go wrong. It helped me carry on. (Tip: Every morning the first thing I do when I wake up is give thanks for things I am blessed for. I do it before I even get out of bed. Once I feel good I get up.)

3. A Daily Task Tablet.

a. I have a daily task tablet. It’s a bright green one made by poppy and has a list of ten tasks I must complete. It’s a great thing to get you on track especially if you need to work around other things. Having a list of ten things doesn’t seem so bad, or overwhelming. It works well for me and I thought to share it.

Love What You Do

Having these three things behind me helped me create the best past two years of my life. I finished my first novel, which I just got back from my editor-currently re-reading it before it goes back for the second round. I was able to design my platform- it took me two years to design but it went live October 2014. I was able to self-published my very own poetry book in February which became a best seller during pre-sales and throughout the month of its release. I started to do a social media tour in December for it. The first week of March is my final everyday posts on my social media accounts during the time I had to craft pictures to use on all my social media accounts, and be able to interact daily with the sites, record audios of my poetry, take classes which I was able to get an A, research, be on top of my blog posts, all while making sure I stayed on top of my personal life as well such as being a great boyfriend, friend and there for my family. It was a pretty busy few years, and now I am getting ready to launch my new talk show for podcast, season one is written, and I am currently working on season 2. I have my sequel started for the follow up to my first novel, and I have a whole different novel I am gearing up, but first and for most as far as I am concerned in my career I wrapped up a very successful launch to my poetry book, and social media tour, re-reading the edited version of my debut novel and have a new show I launching for podcast.

For the latest you can follow me @paultravis_ on twitter, or check out my site at www.paultravis.net. I hope this helps you guys and may you always be blessed with love and joy!


  1. Nicholas RossisNicholas Rossis03-06-2015

    A wonderful post! I particularly loved the tip on gratitude.

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