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Short Story: The Swallow Places by Kyle Brown

Kyle Brown New

Active interests include: economics, and she’s pretty great in that class, but she’s quiet and doesn’t tell anybody. She’s transferred in from Arizona State, her dad owns a Mercedes dealership, her mom gets taken down by three separate snags o breast cancer, brother has his motorcycle, cousin goes to The Pantages. She’s tight and petite and has a pierced belly button and never fails to get me. You’re now talkin Travis, FAU flag in his dorm, most astute observations.

Kicked out of the Marines, dishonorable discharge from sleepin too much takin horse tranquilizers to deal with emotional problems – havin been considered disabled – good enough to keep tabs on helicopters for good times and hookin up with a cougar.

Active interests include: fair Sapphic investigations, party girls, New York Jets. I used to be a Jets fan, things got a little too personal. Kick back with a popular comic or a new paperback and never have any interest in the classics, with the exception of Wilde’s one novel. Taken a harder look at the attraction law, meet ASU girl at the food shop; they have smoothies, iced coffee and sandwiches; fifty cents for a big-ass bottle o water. She rubs my head and the back of my neck at the hairline and the bushy under-tuft.

Flappy ears thin cheeks giraffe neck acne sex obsession.

We’re not that far apart.  We hunch over notebooks and agonize. We wait for a combo o lull/extra credit: Raise the Bismark review. Holy, I get invigorated by Kris Jenner, her perfusin. It’s all a scam. And while ASU girl gets to her blog on crappy Apple earphones [crowdfunding], Sarah walks in with a rough purse and scenic backpack and green lipstick. Her drink is mango-oriented. It’s an empty refreshment block in the building – A/C CRANKED – she sits with us, she proofreads, she has underhand remarks for Congress and the College Board: goliard, impenetrable.

We don’t quite stick to the schedule. Sarah’s got her own novel to write AND an article for Village Voice that she intends to submit even though she doesn’t think they’ll take it AND two articles for Goddess Campbell, current Dean Magistrate. Wear big sunglasses to hide your eye-socket zit. Mechanical failure, we’re still competin, bad stress.

Sarah – Captain Bligh – warmin joke, spoiled lil brat/squash/reality: 6-B/forgiveness. Apology lifeless command rain devotee videogame rebuilt. White Witch, grapes in a Ziploc container. I want my eyes to be transformed for God is a privilege God is all we are apes this need to be close to the pope. I hope it’s arrogance. Sarah has a design based on Avalon, Heaven; mine’s appetite; she sleeps in church when she doesn’t tell us about Don Malloy. I must mention His Holiness. He’s lost unspeakable friends to cancer. We need, as she’d say, government grapes, no respect for the harvest. Fold hands, fold them over my nose, I want the girl who sees the ghost havin changed what we mean to be open. There must be a specified crazy white person. Soul for a mother, save my soul, let me obsess over this lack of money and God, but there’s primary faith, prick, more than a man. Fish im from the ground: give im justice if he wrongs you, not if he seeks it himself for a lackin – Travis or Tanner – sees fit, right fitness, neighbors and a beard, usual suggestions from ladies for placement. Placement, or: our appeasement, shut your eyes, clamp down tight, make noises with your throat. This is an act and you’re actin;

Diplomat, so loves an animal. I’d let these things slip. A sick man comes into the service door – always use the last door on the right and that’s fifty-cents flat; some guy (who’s no longer with us) had a friend in the water business and scored – and kneeled. The Cross, quick with Latin, slow to get up. He does not accept Asian student’s arm when he comes in for his carrot juice. He’ll look back three or four times while flirtin with the cashier and gettin his wallet and payin and putting his (light blue) wallet back – back pocket, on a long chain, lots of chains, mascara, tons of concern – we’ve all seen him around and we’re all a pack o snifflin dogs in seein him interpret these messages, parceled to him by Angel–

Gabriel, no one forgets, we have a bell to sew. Pick up on our hint. I have a hard time dealin with hints cos I’ll deal with them all day at– in– my job. I could use a break in the few hours– we 99%– we all want the same thing. And it is a thing, and we see it move, groove, boogie, clamper. Miss Hannigan, foreright, an instigator. She’s in love for the first time and she’s gotten antsy, not that anyone can see past. No one’s seen his hogtrai. I’ll tell you what we have to do to prepare. Must find, must borrow, must all share in happiness, cos there’s a hierarchy and it will be happy before all else despite the many warnin’s. The warnin that comes today should be no shock to anyone. Most of us’ve seen ____, etcetera etcetera. Take my scalp in a clockwise motion, and swear it, obtain natural death.

Gimme a couple o days. There’s business and I’ll be here. This is my business, this liberal arts school in Virginia. 2826, now most of Virginia. Revolutionized commerce, cos maybe when we wake up, or step into a room, WE CAN FEEL a person after all

come on, give us a slap– superstitious. I fear the weirdness the weird lil girl I fear her brightness her reluctance now to speak cos I gotta be inside her now but Sarah’s chewin on her straw and givin me those sli eyes, not happy, not happy to face skippin class or catchin gonorrhea.

come on, Englishman– there are worries. Hop to it, pray for custom. It’s not a half-experience. I’m a carin soul. Specs and spectators, for a slide, an English term to mask my sufferin for this is my age to suffer.

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