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Featured 5 Authors: August 2015

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Our top 5 visited Author pages for July were:

TOP PROFILE – Darian Wigfall, author of A Dying Breed: Bright Lights series

darian wigfall

Darian Wigfall is an activist, writer, arts organizer, musician and former scientist. He is very active in the community of St. Louis. From managing artists with the FarFetched music collective and DJing to serving on the board for the St. Lou Fringe Festival, he strives to be part of the vibrant arts scene in St. Louis. He also spends a lot of time volunteering with youth and human rights organizations to help create a strong foundation for the community that raised him. He has been writing short stories since his days in elementary school and through his volunteer work was inspired to write a juvenile fiction series to provide a new narrative for young black youth to read about and to be inspired by.

Darian’s Author Page

2. JP Nicolais, author of Simple Sleep Solutions

JP nicolais

While growing up in Pennsylvania, where sunshine was scarce, he started reading Arizona Highways magazine and discovered that there was a brighter world waiting for him. At the same time, he discovered that there was an inner world that was also beckoning him. As student, he was forced to write but never developed a love for the craft until he began reading some of great masters: Shakespeare, Graham Greene, Iris Murdoch, Charles Frazier and many others. He also met several people who had a gift for writing non-fiction: a supervisor, a business partner and a brother-in-law. During his career, he worked in non-profits and as a business entrepreneur but never saw himself as an author.

JP’s Author Page

3. Ann Swinfen, author of The Fenland Series

Ann Swinfen

Ann Swinfen has written all her life but was only able to turn to full-time writing after the youngest of her five children reached university and she cut back her academic teaching. Originally she published three contemporary literary novels with Random House – The Anniversary, The Travellers and A Running Tide – but has now gone independent and is writing historical novels. The Testament of Mariam, set in the first century Roman provinces of Palestine and Gaul, recounts one of the world’s most famous stories from an entirely new viewpoint. Flood, which takes place in the East Anglian fens during the seventeenth century, is the account of courage amongst local people fighting to save their homes and livelihood from exploitation by unscrupulous speculators. It has recently been followed by its sequel Betrayal.

Ann’s Author Page

4. William Diaz, author of Inquisition

William Diaz

William has recently released his first novel titled Inquisition – the first of a three part sci-fi/fantasy fiction series called the Blood Moon Chronicles. William lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and he’s a fan of MMA and Muay Thai. Whenever he can he sneaks some playing time on his XBOX 360; Assassin’s Creed among the favorites. Matthew Reilly (Scarecrow novels) and Jack Whyte (Templar Trilogy, A Dream Of Eagles) are his favorite authors.

William’s Author Page

5. Karl Bort, author of Bad JuJu in Cleveland

karl bort

Karl Bort retired from the Cleveland Police Department in 1994 after 27 years of service, then obtained his Licensed Practical Nursing License. He continued working another 15 years in nursing with the last five years as a night-shift Psych Nurse at the Cleveland Clinic. He is the Past President of The Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association. Thekla Madsen is a corporate business analyst, technical and marketing writer based in western Wisconsin.

Karl’s Author Page

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