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Featured 5 Resources: August 2015

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Our top 5 visited Resources pages for July were:

TOP RESOURCE – Pro Writing Aid


Improve the readability and clarity of your writing with this FREE new editing technology.

Writing is a craft. And like any craft, the beauty of the object is not just dependent on the creative process, but also on the workmanship and joinery that lie beneath the surface. Can technology help strengthen the foundation of your writing? Yes. It’s simple, really. Common pitfalls like repeating the same word too many times can make the text sound clunky and unpolished, while choosing strong verbs rather than relying on adverbs creates greater emphasis. Mistakenly typing “principle” when you meant “principal” distracts your reader, taking their attention away from your idea, and overuse of the passive voice tends to be less engaging. The list of potential technical issues is long but most are based on straightforward word selection and arrangement and are easily picked up by well-written software.

Pro Writing Aid’s Resources Page

2. Omand Original

omand original logo

Omand Original was started in 2008 by Scottish artist Susan Omand as a natural progression of her lifetime hobby of painting and as a way of doing something more with the original works of art she creates. As a business, Omand Original has grown in leaps and bounds and evolved in ways she never imagined at the start. This evolution continues in Susan’s partnership with DreamCage Media Group but Omand Original also continues on its own as strongly as ever, creating original artwork and graphic design for personal and commercial commissions and corporate contracts. Susan has worked with a large variety of authors, bands and organisations, producing book and album covers, promotional artwork and logos.

Omand Original’s Resources Page

3. Dapper Press

Dapper Press Logo FINAL

Dapper Press is a brand new concept in self-publishing. Our mission is to elevate the self-publishing industry at large, and by gum, we’ll do it! Dapper Press was founded in 2014 by two writers, Steven Luna and Clayton Smith, who recognized a need for helpful self-publishing expertise and who were frustrated by the many small press and author services companies that focus on quantity over quality. Writers deserve better, and so do their books.

Dapper Press’s Resources Page

4. Curiouser Editing


Your words are important.

In fact, they convey your voice to readers for years and years.

Whether for a blog, summary, or book, Curiouser Editing helps you present your voice in the best possible way.

No matter where you are in the writing journey, we can help.

Curiouser Editing’s Resources Page

5. USelfPublish



USelfPublish.com is a new and exciting website to provide a one-stop-shop for all authors and writers who are interested in following, or have already started on the self-publishing route.

In Paula Wynne’s role as editor of iHubbub.com she reviews hundreds of books; within this she often finds an excellent writing guide arriving on her desk. As an author these always take her interest; particularly those which talk about self-publishing, which is something she is very interested in doing herself.

USelfPublish’s Resources Page

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