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Review – Danielle Real’s Last Name Unknown

Last Name Unknown

Last Name UnknownAddison Walker is a bit clumsy and accident prone. From tripping over to walking into things, she is forever recovering from bumps and bruises. The accidents start to get a bit more regular and more serious, such as the time she got jostled and fell on the stairs at work, but it is not until an intruder in her home attacks her and hits her over the head that she starts to panic and runs from her flat literally bumping into her new, and incredibly good looking, neighbour as she falls yet again down the stairs. He introduces himself as Kade (no last name) and gets her to the hospital to deal with her head wound and concussion, calling her friend Sam and erstwhile boyfriend Sean to let them know where she is. Sean, her rich childhood sweetheart whom her parents have just assumed she will marry, is more concerned with why Addison is with Kade than the fact that she is in hospital after being attacked and, after a huge argument in the middle of the hospital room, Addison tells Sean she no longer wants to see him, which makes him storm out, much to Sam’s satisfaction as she tries to get Kade and Addison together.

This is just the start of their adventure though as, over the next few days, Addison’s apartment gets broken into again by a man looking for something and, when she discovers him, he attempts to shoot her. The gun shot brings Kade to her rescue yet again and a dead body ends up in her shower. This sets Addison and Sam on the run as they discover that Kade and his friend Ghost are mixed up in it all somehow and that everyone’s life is in danger, as attempts to kill Addison get more and more blatant. What were the thieves looking for, who wants Addison dead and why is Kade keeping secrets?

This book honestly reminded me of a James Bond film. It was a light read with lots of pace and action and I was very pleased with how it ended in a conclusive way that still left it open enough to continue with a sequel if we get one. The characters were all well written, as likeable or as unlikeable as they needed to be and their interactions were very believable. However, as with a James Bond film, the plot itself was very predictable. I had guessed almost as soon as the character was introduced who the mastermind was, although the motive took a while longer, but this didn’t really detract from the book as long as you are not expecting serious intrigue and mystery. For me it’s a book not to be taken seriously, a fun story to pass the time on a journey or while on holiday. Read it and enjoy it for what it is.

**** 3 1/2 STARS!!



  1. Nicholas RossisNicholas Rossis10-09-2014

    Sounds like a great summer read, actually! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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