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Review: DC Mahoney’s Ageless Spy

Ageless SpyIn 1939 Carl Coles, a mid twenties merchant seaman, happens across a young waitress in Nova Scotia whilst he docked and so begins a love story that will last into eternity whilst being tested by Nazi Germany, The Soviet Union, and an Intelligence community that puts one man’s loyalties to the true test. Coles joins up with the Royal Navy at the outbreak of war and shows an aptitude for leadership and espionage. As he grows so does his position within the British Services. Colonel of a secret army on black ops, agent for a fledging MI6 and, finally, father of two daughters, one of whom rises to the head of MI5 herself.

Where do I start with this book? Let’s start at the back with the author page explaining who DC Mahoney is. Mahoney states that this is his first novel. It really can’t be! It is written with all the gloss and finesse of a writer more accomplished than the amateur status that ‘First Novel’ gives you. This is historical fiction at its best, written as if the author himself had lived the story, but it spans a sixty year period of history with effortless aplomb. From the outbreak and subsequent adventures during World War II, the relative infancy of the Secret Intelligence Service that would become MI6, espionage with no technology, the training and creation of the CIA, and the Canadian equivalent, are all included to give even the most avid spy thriller fan something to get their teeth into.

The landscapes of Canada and the war torn descriptions of Dover, the way people just got on with their lives, and the feel Mahoney gives you about war are reminiscent of the stories I grew up listening to at the knee of my Grandfather, the action is exciting and edge of seats stuff yet wholly believable, but it is the characters Mahoney has created that really show this novel off as something more than a war book. I found myself rooting for Carl Coles throughout the book. I cried with him, I laughed with him, I fell in love with him. Maureen, the love of his life, and her commitment to the man she had never even been on a proper date with was romance at its best, and again supported memories of my Grandparents in my mind.

The entire sixty year adventure is worth a read on its own, but with the human elements that DC Mahoney has added to Ageless Spy, this really is a book that I doubt will ever beaten in its genre.

***** 5 STARS!!!


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  1. DC MahoneyDC Mahoney08-18-2014


    I would like to thank you so much for this very humbling review of Ageless Spy. To be very frank, I was not certain it would stand up to the scrutiny of experience. For the record, Ageless Spy is my very first work. Admittedly, I have done some technical writing in the past but I can claim neophyte novelist standing with this work. After all of this, one wonders if there is a second “good” work swirling around.

    Once again, I thank you for the review and my warmest wishes.

    DC Mahoney

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