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Review: Terry John Barto’s Gollywood, Here I Come!


gollywoodGollywood, Here I Come! Is an illustrated children’s book. Written by Terry John Barto, and beautifully illustrated by Mattia Cerato, the story tells the tale of Anamazie Marie LaBelle – resident of Gobbleville. Anamazie, as we meet her, is a marching band Majorette and a dreamer. Dreaming of red carpets and a life of fame. But as needs to be the way in any children’s story – there’s a message. She doesn’t have it all run smoothly.

A finalist in Gobblesville’s Got Talent (Yes, they went there…) Anamazie’s performance doesn’t have the outcome she desires. But, her hard work, and a touch of the hand of fate give her a second chance. Can she take it?

Barto’s story is one that certainly delivers a strong message to children. One perhaps that adults can still learn from. Never giving up on your dreams, coupled with hard work and dedication, is sometimes all you need to achieve your dreams. Could the book have been improved? Maybe. Perhaps a tougher setback to overcome? It all happens pretty quickly. Otherwise the story and illustrations hit the mark.

This book is truly one that deserves to be shared with your child. The illustrations are very professional and attractive, giving the book huge appeal. The story also passes an important message and thus all the boxes are checked.

A great read to share with your child from Terry John Barto.

**** 4 Stars!



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