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Guest Post: Open Fences and Jailed Dogs


 open fences and jailed dogs The future of publishing Near my home, there is a house that’s still under construction.  …

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Guest Post: I love my fans… by Hans Hirschi

Family Ties

Performance artists live for the applause, or so it is often said. As a writer, I rarely get the opportunity …

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Guest Post: Three Year Rule by Alaina Stanford

The Seven Year Rule Cover Jack Final 101813

The Rule Series is a set of books designed around old wives tales regarding marriage and relationships. Thee Year Rule …

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Guest Post: ‘Everyone Can Be An Ally’ from Amy Kaufman Burk

I was born in 1958 to heterosexual parents. I grew up in a home where gay and straight folks sat …

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Guest Post: Chapter One of SOUL ON NICE from Norm Spitzig

Soul On Nice

Chapter 1 The Return to New Zealand The thought that this was her fifth visit to New Zealand randomly flitted …

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Guest Post: Ants on Everest by James Fox

James Fox

Ants on Everest: Why Indie Authors need to show each other the ways to top sales. Hi I’m James Fox. …

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Guest Post: Twitter. A double-edged sword by Kneel Downe

Kneel Downe

Twitter. A double-edged sword where reality is taken as fantasy and what’s false is taken as gospel. It’s hard sometimes …

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Guest Post: Taxing Times for Self-Publishers by Tim Bedford

Tim Bedford

Tax may not be an issue that many writers want to spend their valuable time dealing with but as we …

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Guest Post: View from the Dreamcage

Steve Taylor Bryant

Babbling a maddening litany of his most Far Out ideas – Hunter S.Thompson Ah, books! They’re the world’s best educating …

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Guest Post: Battling ‘Deluded Egotist’ Days by Tim Bedford

Tim Bedford

Battling with ‘Deluded Egotist’ Days During the process of writing my first novel I had a number of these, when …

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Guest Post: My Adventures below Sea Level by Tim Marquitz

Tim At HorrorCon

My Adventures below Sea Level While I might have been through New Orleans at some point as a child—my family …

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Guest Post – ‘Minimalism’ by Laura O’Hanlon

Laura OHanlon

Living Minimalist Minimalism is a concept which involves living with only what is necessary and getting rid of everything which …

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