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Guest Post: The Dollars are in the Details by GeoRiot

How to Market your Book like a Genius.

If you haven’t read our previous guest post on SPS describing how global affiliate links can refine your online presence, stop now and check that out first.

All set? Good. Now let’s get into how to market your book like a genius.

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Remember the details?

Yeah. Those small things that make all the difference for your fans and your brand.

They still matter.

A lot.

And GeoRiot is still working hard to make sure you can optimize every detail of your affiliate marketing efforts.

We recently launched a new feature that allows independent authors and book reviewers to turn the page on their affiliate linking strategy.

Its name?

Genius Links.

These brilliant links understand that a user’s location and device both impact where they prefer to shop online.

What this means is that you can link to your book (or any book) in Amazon, iBooks, GoodReads, Barnes and Noble, and any of our other allowed domains using a single URL (imagine all the characters you can now save in your tweets!). You can quickly create scenarios so your Kindle readers are automatically sent to your book on Amazon, iPad users get sent to iBooks, and readers on a Mac can get sent to anywhere else your heart desires. Genius Links ensure that every user is taken care of, and that you have a better chance to convert each user to an actual sale.

Genius Links are the next chapter of affiliate linking and your fans will love being a part of it.

No matter where someone clicks your link from, no matter what device they are using, you can now ensure they will be sent to the best online storefront for them.

Happier fans? Check.

More affiliate commissions? Check.

You looking like a genius? Check.

(Read more about Genius Links here)

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  1. Nicholas RossisNicholas Rossis08-29-2014

    I’ve been wanting to check out Geo Riot for a while now. Thanks for the timely reminder!

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